The records searchable on this website are copied from the transcripts of the St Mary’s Parish Registers. Although most burials would have taken  place in the churchyard after 1873 the registers also record those buried in the Victorian Cemetery and the Burial Ground. The Society has access to the separate burial records of both these cemeteries. If you cannot find your ancestor in this burial list and they died after 1873, please contact us and we will check them for you.

The data can be searched on any of the headings – simply choose the desired term from the drop down box. NB: where a last name or first name is recorded as Blank, then this indicates there is no information in the register. It is not someone’s name.

Last NameFirst Nameday buriedmonth buriedyear buriedageyears months dayscomments
Usborne John 19 Dec 1561 householder
Sargent Rich 22 Dec 1561 son of Ambrose
Totie John 22 Dec 1561 son of Robert
Holmud Nicholas 23 Jan 1561/62 householder
Janson Kathern 6 Feb 1561/62
Peerceson Joane 20 Feb 1561/62 daughter of John
Brand Kathern 25 Feb 1561/62 daughter of Richard
Peercson Ellis 25 Feb 1561/62 wife of John
Hanks Robert 10 Mar 1561/62
Bostocke Thomas 24 Mar 1561/62
Fowle Richard 4 Apr 1562 householder
Lake Rabig 11 Apr 1562 wife of Robert
Lurkin Blank 16 Apr 1562 son of John
Brocke Doritie 20 Apr 1562
Wyllard Andrew 23 Apr 1562 householder
Jarvis Joane 7 May 1562 daughter of Thomas
Cradocke Blank 14 May 1562 the wife of Richard
Deane Annes 19 May 1562 daughter of Richard
Bachowse Thomas 20 May 1562 servant to Begberie
Perin Wylliam 27 May 1562 householder
Holand Blank 30 May 1562 the wife of John
Cotchman Jervis 5 Jun 1562 son of Water
Cradocke Samuell 6 Jun 1562 son of Thomas
Rimyngton Eve 10 Jun 1562 daughter of wydow
Pett Jeames 18 Jun 1562
Millar Joan 10 Aug 1562 daughter of Briant
Aps John 10 Aug 1562 son of John
Fowle Marie 13 Sep 1562 daughter of John
Blushe Joan 19 Sep 1562 widow
Burrishe Elizabeth 20 Sep 1562 daughter of Richard