This page contains the names of 388 men having connections to Goudhurst and/or Kilndown who served during the Great War and survived.

The information cannot claim to be comprehensive. Some names are certain to be missing altogether, and it is equally certain that the details shown for those who are included are not complete. Nevertheless, this record may be useful overall in giving an indication of how many parishioners went to war between 1914 and 1918, and the theatres of war in which they served.

Some of the men listed were born in Goudhurst or Kilndown but had moved away by the time of the Great War; some were still living here at the time; most of them had family living here. Some of those listed were born elsewhere but were living in the parish when war broke out.

To the extent that the relevant information has been traced, the list records each man’s last known rank, and the branch of the armed forces and/or unit(s) and the theatres of war in which he served.

Where it is known that a man appeared before a Military Service Tribunal before enlisting, this incidental information is indicated in the sixth column. If a man who became a prisoner of war or is known to have been wounded this has been noted. The absence of such information against an individual’s name should not be taken to mean that these circumstances did not apply to them: in many cases, such information is hard to trace.

Where possible, local residential addresses traced for each man are recorded. However, the man concerned may well have lived, on other occasions, at other addresses in the parish or elsewhere in the country.

Where it has been possible to identify them brothers are included in the list; if a brother died and is recorded on one of the war memorials, this fact is shown by “(d)”.

MST = Military Service Tribunal
POW = Prisoners of War
W = Wounded
WF = West Front

The principal sources used to compile this list are:
Records of the Manchester Unity of Oddfellows, Loyal Men of Kent Lodge, 3963 (Goudhurst)
Kent & Sussex Courier
Parish Magazine for St Mary’s Church, Goudhurst
Absent Voters List 1918
The National Archives

The table below is searchable and can be sorted.

NameRankServiceWhereMST/W/POWLocal AddressBrothersNotes
1Alexander, Guy BevanLieutenant CommanderRNWFThe Oaks, G2earlier service 1896-1906; recalled for WW1; brother of Henry Lethbridge Alexander; address: The Oaks, Goudhurst
2Alexander, Henry Lethbridge "Harry"MajorDorset Regiment - 9thWFThe Oaks, G1Staff Officer; mentioned in despatches 6 times; DSO; brother of Guy Bevan Alexander; address: The Oaks, Goudhurst
3Apps, Arthur Samuel BartonBoy MechanicRNAS; RAFRatcliffe House, North Road, G5enlisted: 18/12/1917 in Royal Navy; transferred to RAF 15/5/1918; brother of Herbert Wesley Apps; address: Ratcliffe House, North Road
4Apps, Charles SamuelLance CorporalMilitary Mounted PoliceSalonikaRatcliffe Cottages, North Road, G6 & Sam (d)attested: Dec 1915; mobilised: 6/6/16; brother of Sam (killed) & Horace William Apps
5Apps, Herbert WesleyBoyRNRatcliffe House, North Road, G3brother of Arthur Samuel Barton Apps; address: Ratcliffe Cottages
6Apps, Horace "William"GunnerRoyal Horse ArtilleryMSTBockingfold Cottages, G4 & Sam (d)enlisted: 14/04/1916 request to Military Service Tribunal March 1916 against enlisting on the grounds that he was a skilled workman and indispensable on a dairy farm was refused; brother of Sam (killed) & Charles Samuel Apps; Served as William Apps; address: Bockingfold Cottages
7Ashdown, AlfredPrivateBuffs - 1/5thAsiaticBallards Hill, G8 & Harry (d)enlisted c. 1914; brother of Harry (killed )& Herbert Gerald Ashdown; address: Ballards Hill
8Ashdown, Herbert GeraldSignallerRNBallards Hill, G7 & Harry (d)enlisted: 13/11/14; brother of Harry (killed)& Alfred Ashdown; address: Ballards Hill;
9Austen, Jesse ThomasPrivateR W Kent; A O CWFFostal Cottage, GWalter Henry (d)brother of Walter Henry (killed); address: Fostal cottage
10Baldock, AlbertLance corporalBuffsWTwyssenden, K11, 12enlisted: c. April 1915; wounded 4 times in 1917 & 1918; brother of Lewis & William Baldock; address: Twyssenden
11Baldock, LewisPrivateBuffs -4thIndiaMSTTwyssenden, K10, 121916-refused exemption by Military Service Tribunal; brother of Albert & William Baldock; address: Twyssenden
12Baldock, WilliamPrivateEast Surrey; Middlesex Regiment - 18thWFMST, WTwyssenden, K10, 11August 1916 Military Service Tribunal granted conditional exemption until October. enlisted: c. November 1916; wounded August 1918; brother of Albert & Lewis Baldock
13Banks, Edward TheodoreSeamanRNHigh Street, G14enlisted: 9/6/13; brother of Percy Banks ; address: High Street
14Banks, PercyGrenadier Guards?High Street, G13unable to verify –information from Parish Magazine Sept 1914; brother of Edward Theodore Banks; address: High Street
15Barden, HoraceSergeantR West Surrey; West Ridings - 7th; Labour CorpsWFThe Fostal, Genlisted: 16/11/97; serving in South Africa when war broke out; service in UK Sept 1914-May1918; address: The Fostal;
16Barrow, CharlesPrivateRoyal West SurreysIndia & MesopotamiaFir Tree Cottage, K19enlisted: 5/10/16; brother of Isaac Barrow;
17Barrow, Frederick William JamesStokerRNHope Mill Cottages, Genlisted: 30/5/17; address: Hope Mill Cottages
18Barrow, George AlfredCorporalArmy Service CorpsHome20, 21 & John (d)attested: 6/11/15; brother of John (killed), Thomas Edward & William Thomas Barrow
19Barrow, IsaacPrivateBuffs - 3rd?Fir Tree Cottage, K16brother of Charles Barrow; address: Fir Tree Cottages, Kilndown
20Barrow, Thomas EdwardPrivateBuffs; Worcester RegimentAsiatic ; WFWPopes Row, K18, 21 & John (d)enlisted: 18/3/14; wounded 7/1/16; brother of John (killed) George Alfred & William Thomas Barrow; address: Popes Row, Kilndown
21Barrow, William ThomasPrivateRoyal West KentIndia; Salonika18, 20 & John (d)attested: 12/12/15; mobilised: 1917; brother of John (killed) & Thomas Edward & George Alfred Barrow
22Batchelor, Harry (Henry?)SergeantRoyal SussexW, POWWounded; POW captured in 1918; returned to Goudhurst Jan 1919; cannot identify further
23Bateup, Frank "Charles"PrivateBuffs; The Queens; Machine Gun CorpsWFMST, POWHammonds Farm, Gappealed twice to Military service tribunal , successful once, but second time Nov 1916 refused ; POW 1918; address: Hammonds Farm
24Bateup, Henry CalebLance CorporalBuffs -10thWFWBrandfold Cottages, G25 & George Vinall (d)enlisted 1908; wounded Feb 1915; in hospital in Glasgow; doing recruiting work Sept 1916; half-brother of George Vinall (killed); brother of Horace William Bateup; address: Brandfold Cottages
25Bateup, Horace WilliamPrivateBuffs -2/5th?Morebreddis, G24 & George Vinall (d)enlisted: 30/11/14; half-brother of George Vinall (killed); brother of Henry Caleb Bateup; address: Morbreddis Cottages
26Bateup, JesseStokerRNMSTRanters Hall, Genlisted: 5/3/17; refused exemption by military service tribunal twice in 1916; address: Ranters Hall
27Beakhurst, Henry ( aka Henry Hodge)SapperRailway operations R.E.WFClay Hill, Genlisted: 23/4/15; also known as Henry Hodge; adopted (?) son of Orlando Hodge, Fishmonger; address: Clay Hill
28Beale, JackSergeantArmy Service CorpsWFFinchcocks Farm, K29enlisted: 30/11/1914; brother of William George Beale ; George Forward (killed) lodging with this family in 1911; address: Finchcocks Farm
29Beale, William GeorgePrivateBuffs -5th; East Lancs -13th; Labour CorpsGallipoliW28enlisted: 30th Nov 1914; wounded; brother of Jack Beale
30Benians, Hubert Joseph2nd LieutenantInns of Court Officer Training Corps ; Royal EngineersWFWenlisted Inns of Court OTC 9/11/1914; commissioned in Royal Engineers 30/5/1915; wounded 3/7/16 at Contalmaison; architect, designed war memorial;
31Bensaid, William HenryCorporalArmy Service CorpsWFWTattlebury, Gnarrow escape on 20th Sept 1915 when ammunition convoy shelled; struck on head and horse he was riding killed; 1917 awarded French Croix de Guerre for conspicuous bravery & devotion to duty while bring supplies to French troops; address: Tattlebury
32Blackmore, Harry MercerPrivateSaskatewan Regiment -1st DepotIden Green, G & CanadaBertie (d)conscripted into Canadian Army: 15/1/18; brother of Bertie Mercer Blackmore (killed); Mother Harriet, lived Iden Green, Goudhurst
33Blunt, Albert WilliamGunnerRoyal Garrison Artillery?Iden Green, G36married Mary Roff, widow of William Roff (killed), 1920; address: Iden Green
34Blunt, Albert WilliamPrivateBuffs - 5thIndiaMorebreddis, Gattested: 27/1/1916; mobilised: 24/3/16; address: Morbreddis
35Blunt, Edwin CharlesPrivateBuffs -1/5thAsiaticTown Row, Genlisted: 10/8/14; Malaria 1917; address: Town Row; in Buff's India photo
36Blunt, Ernest (Alfred Ernest)Buffs -5th?Iden Green, G33enlisted before Sept 1914; brother of Albert William Blunt ( RGA); address: Iden Green; nickname “Shiner”
37Blunt, Henry Charles (Harry)DriverRoyal Garrison ArtilleryMSTKilndownenlisted: 3/8/16; address: Kilndown
38Blunt, Herbert AugustusPrivateBuffs - 2nd & 9thMorebreddis, G
39Blunt, Victor HaroldPrivateLabour Corps – variousHomeBeresford Road, GPercy & George Samuel (d)Enlisted: 7/12/15; discharged: 28/3/19; brother of Percy and George Samuel, killed; Address: Beresford Road, Goudhurst, and Banstead , Surrey
40Boakes, George (aka George Sims)GunnerRoyal Horse ArtilleryWFTown Row, Genlisted: 26/6/1907; Address; Town Row; Also known as George Sims
41Boniface, Harold Henry GeorgePrivateRoyal Sussex; 70th Provisional BnHomeGardens, Brandfold, Genlisted: 16/11/14; discharged: 19/6/16; address: Gardens, Brandfold
42Boorman, John CharlesGunnerRoyal Garrison ArtilleryBedgebury Cross, K43brother of Thomas Joseph Boorman;
43Boorman, Thomas JosephDriverWest Kent Yeomanry; 4th Res Buffs; 10th Buffs; Army Service CorpsBalkansBedgebury Cross, K42enlisted: 10/11/14; brother of John Charles Boorman; address: Bedgebury Cross , Kilndown
44Bourne, Alfred StephenPrivateRoyal West KentWFThe Schools, Gfather of 45enlisted: 20/10/14; father of Henry Bourne; address: The Schools, Goudhurst;
45Bourne, Henry WilfredPrivateBuffs - 2ndWFWhite's Cottages, Gson of 44enlisted: 31/3/15; son of Alfred Stephen Bourne; address: Whites Cottages & Bray's Alley & Hunts Lane
46Brabon, GeorgePrivateKings Royal Rifle Corps - 1stWFPOWRiseden, Kin list of Goudhurst men in Army in Sept 1914; POW 1915; letter home thanking people for the parcel they have sent, especially the cigarettes; address: Riseden
47Brabon, HarryLance corporalBuffs - 5th5 Town Row, Gfather of Ernest (d)enlisted: 30/6/1908; previous service 2nd volunteer battalion East Kent 1887; transferred to RW Surreys just before discharge; discharged: 29/12/17 (total service 30 years 354 days); father of Ernest Brabon (killed); address: 5 Town Row
48Brabon, James EdwardPrivateBuffs -5thAsiaticWRiseden, Kwounded in 1916; address: Riseden
49Brackfield, Charles WalterPrivateBuffs - 5th?Whitestocks Cottage, Gaddress: Whitestocks Cottage
50Brackfield, Wallace George Thomas (alias Haylor)PrivateLabour CorpsHome?Baker's Cottages, West Road, G51address: Baker's Cottages, West Road
51Brackfield, Walter George ( alias Haylor)PrivateRoyal West Surrey; Labour CorpsWFBaker's Cottages, West Road, G50enlisted: 25/2/17; address: Baker's Cottages, West Road
52Brann, ThomasAble SeamanRNMSTCherry Gardens, Genlisted: 8/6/16; previous service: 1901-1913; Military Service Tribunal refused exemption in 1916; address: Cherry Gardens
53Brayfield, FrederickDriverRoyal Horse Artillery; Army Service Corps-RemountWFTaywell Cottages, Genlisted: 7/9/1892; discharged: 15/9/16; re-enlisted in ASC 19/11/17 for home service; address: Taywell Cottage
54Bridgland, Albert ErnestPrivateRAMC?Beresford Road, Gaddress: Beresford Road
55Bridgland, Arthur SamuelPrivateArmy Service CorpsClay Hill Mount, G58enlisted: 20/10/1916; brother of James Eli; address: Clay Hill Mount; killed WW2 in Home Guard
56Bridgland, Henry William ( aka William Henry)PrivateBuffs - 3rd; Royal Fusiliers; Labour Company/Agricultural CompanyGermanyTattlebury Yard, Genlisted: 5/2/16 as William Henry Bridgland; at one point had been rejected category B11; address: Tattlebury Yard
57Bridgland, Herbert JohnPrivateAgricultural Labour Co - 437thHome?Knight's Hole, Genlisted: 1916 : address: Knights Hole
58Bridgland, James EliPrivateBuffs -1/5thAsiaticClay Hill Mount, G55enlisted: 10/08/1914; address: Clay Hill Mount; brother of Arthur Samuel Bridgland
59Brooks, HenryDriverRoyal Field ArtilleryWFSmugley, GGeorge & William Charles (d)Enlisted pre 1911: brother of George & William Charles (both killed); address: Smugley
60Brown , James AlfredPrivateArmy Service Corps -6thThe Fostal, Gcannot identify further; address: Fostal
61Browning, AlfredCorporalBuffs -1/5thAsiaticTwyssenden Farm, Kaddress: Twyssenden Farm
62Broxton, DavidDriverRoyal Engineers - 1st A HQ Sig CoyWFTown Row, Gaddress; Town Row ; in list of men from Goudhurst 1914; cannot identify further - there is a man of same name, born Wales working in Tunbridge Wells in 1911, as a kitchen porter who could be this man.
63Bull, HarrySergeantRoyal West KentWFPOWChingley Cottages, Kenlisted: 3/7/15; POW; service records indicate he was awarded the MM; address: Chingley Cottages, Kilndown
64Bull, James WilliamCorporalRFAWFPoplars, Winchet Hilladdress: Poplars, Winchet Hill; cannot identify further
65Burfield, William Robert George2nd LieutenantASC & Tank Corps -1st battalionWFWHigh Street, Genlisted: 26th October 1914 in ASC; Commission: 3/2/1918 when transferred to MGC (Heavy Branch) to Tank Corps; wounded 8/8/1918; Military Cross
66Burgess, Abraham HaleCorporalBuffs - 2/5th - Wye College CompanyHomeGreen Trees, G68, 69transferred to the Army reserve in 27th Jan 1917, because of poor eyesight; his brother Victor, who held a temporary exemption, exchanged in his place. brother of Victor George & Stanley Chester Burgess; address: Green Trees
67Burgess, HarryPrivateBuffs - 5th; Machine Gun CorpsAsiaticGate House Farm, KWilliam George (d)brother of William George Burgess (killed); in Buffs India photo
68Burgess, Stanley ChesterAir MechanicRFC; RAFEgyptGreen Trees, G66, 69enlisted: 6/3/1917; discharged: 29/8/17; brother of Victor George &Abraham Hale Burgess; address: Greentrees
69Burgess, Victor GeorgeGunnerRoyal Garrison ArtilleryWFMSTHigh Street, G66, 68enlisted Army Reserve: 11/12/1915; appeared before Military Recruitment Tribunal 3 times in 1916; eventually granted a temporary exemption in in Dec 1916; mobilised: 1/2/1917; brother of Abraham Hale & Stanley Chester Burgess; address: High Street, Goudhurst
70Burton, Edward JamesStaff SergeantArmy ServiceW. F2, Church Road, Genlisted: 18/1/16; address: 2 Church Road
71Butchers, HoraceGunnerRoyal Garrison ArtilleryWFMile Lane, Genlisted: 8/11/15: address: Mile Lane
72Calcutt, Percy JohnPrivateLondon Scottish ( 14th Bn London Regiment)WF & SalonikaPaynetts, Genlisted: 10/12/15; address: Paynetts;
73Camfield, Frederick JohnPrivateArmy Service Corps - MTMSTLidwells Lane, Genlisted: after April 1916; Military Service Tribunal granted him 3 months exemption in April 1916; address: Lidwells; worked at Lidwells French Gardens
74Capon, John HenryPrivateEast Kent 1/5th ; Northumberland FusiliersAsiaticWenlisted: 1/12/1912?; wounded 1917. jailed in Cork for 56 days in 1920 for: (1) using insubordinate language to an officer; (2) conduct to the prejudice of good order and military discipline; (seems to have been one of 5 soldiers committed at the same time) medal card shows medals forfeited 25/11/1921
75Carlow, ThomasGunnerRoyal Garrison ArtilleryWFWenlisted: 17/11/15; wounded 1917; gassed 1918; Military Medal 1917; previous service with Buffs (4 years)
76Carmichael, Douglas William WinnChaplainRoyal Army Chaplain's DepartmentWFVicarage, KVicar of Kilndown 1911-1923
77Castle, William HenryGunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryWKilndownenlisted: 11/01/1915; wounded July 1916; born Rolvenden; moved to Kilndown by 1917
78Chapman, Frank WilliamPrivateLancers - 9thenlisted: 6/8/1914;
79Chapman, George AlfredPrivateBuffs -4th; MGC; Bedfordshire RegimentIndiaMorebreddis, G80enlisted: 23/11/1914; brother of John Thomas Chapman; address: Morbreddis
80Chapman, John ThomasRoyal EngineersMorebreddis, G79enlisted: 18/08/1916; brother of George Alfred Chapman: information from Oddfellows records no further information traced
81Chenery, GeorgePrivateArmy Service Corps - MTWFTattlebury YardAlbert (d)attested: 3/1/1916; mobilised: 27th Sept 1916; brother of Albert Chenery (killed); address: Tattlebury Yard
82Chenery, George ThomasGunnerRoyal Horse ArtilleryWFenlisted: 28/8/1915;
83Chenery, JohnPrivateRAFWFClay Hill, Gfather of 84enlisted: 23/7/18; address: Clay Hill
84Chenery, John ThomasPrivateBuffs - 1/5thAsiaticClay Hill, Gson of 83enlisted: 8/8/1914; in the Buffs India Photo
85Christmas, Lewis AlbertPrivateMachine Gun CorpsLittle Combourne, Gaddress: Little Combourne
86Clark, CharlesPrivateRoyal West KentHomeGoudhurstenlisted: 7/9/14; discharged: 20/11/14 (medical grounds); previous service with 47th North Lancs regiment - also discharged on medical grounds
87Clark, FrankPrivateBuffs; Royal West SurreyWKilndownenlisted: 13/8/14; wounded: 4/10/17; address: Kilndown
88Clarke, EricMajorBuffs - 1/5thAsiaticWVicarage, GBasil (d) & Stuart Algernon (d)Enlisted: c. 1905; wounded 1916; brother of Basil Edward & Stuart Algernon Clarke
89Clemetson, CharlesPrivateBuffs; R W Fusiliers; Royal West KentsBalkansBlue Coats, Gaddress: Blue Coats
90Cleveland-Stevens, Edward CarnegieCaptainInns of Court OTC ; Army Ordnance Dept; Royal Engineers - Roads DirectorateEgyptWinchet Hall, G92enlisted Inns of Court OTC 23/9/14; Quarry Officer, Roads Directorate RE; granted leave 29/11/17 on private business, which was extended to 1/4/1919 address: Winchet Hall
91Cleveland-Stevens, WilliamLieutenantRNVRWinchet Hall, G91discharged: 19/1/19; address: Winchet Hall
92Cole, William AmosPrivateGrenadier Guards - 1stWFBlue Coats Lane, GErnest (d)enlisted: 5/08/14; Possibly brother of Ernest Cole (Killed)
93Coleman, AlbertPrivate3rd Royal West Kent; North Staffs -MPLower Crowbourne, G94, 95 & John(d)enlisted: 29/05/16
94Coleman, ArthurPrivateRoyal Garrison Artillery; North StaffsLower Crowbourne, G93, 93 & John(d)enlisted: 7/4/16; address: Lower Combourne
95Coleman, David EdgeworthGunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryLower Crowbourne, G93, 94 & John(d)enlisted: 12/3/17;
96Coleman, Frederick HindsPrivateLondon Scottish ( 14th Bn London Regiment)WFWSpelmonden, G97enlisted: 20/11/14; wounded 1915; discharged: 29/9/17; brother of John Carlos Coleman: address: Spelmonden
97Coleman, John CarlosLance CorporalHonorable Artillery Co; Royal Naval Air Service/RAFWFSpelmonden, G96enlisted: 11/10/15; discharged: 13/8/18 to a commission in Royal Naval Air Service ( Lieut); brother of Frederick Hinds Coleman; address: Spelmonden
98Collingridge, GrahamPrivateRAFManor House, G99brother of William Rex Collingridge; address: Manor House
99Collingridge, William RexCaptainRAMC; 1/5th BuffsMesopotamiaManor House, G98enlisted before 1913: invalided back to India , from Mesopotamia, suffering from fever; in Colaba Military Hospital, Bombay in 1916; brother of Graham Collingridge; Goudhurst Doctor – his practice was covered by his father during WW1
100Connolly, FrederickDriverRoyal Field Artillery - 110th batteryWFMSTChequer Tree Farm, Gattested: 8/11/15; mobilised: 10/4/16; at time of mobilisation in 1916 he was working as timber feller which was a reserved occupation; despite this his application to the tribunal for exemption was refused. Address: Chequer Tree Farm & Church Road
101Crouch, DavidPrivateAustralian Expeditionary ForceWFWWalton Cottages, Iden Green, G102, 103enlisted: 27/9/1917; GSW both legs 18/9/18; returned to Australia: 4/1/19; originally emigrated in 1912; brother of Edward & Thomas Crouch
102Crouch, EdwardPrivateAgricultural Company - 409thHomeWalton Cottages, Iden Green, G101, 103brother of Thomas & David Crouch
103Crouch, ThomasPrivateBuffs -4thWalton Cottages, Iden Green, G101, 102brother of Edward & David Crouch
104Crouch, WilliamLance CorporalBuffs; Royal West Surrey; Military Foot PoliceHomeThe Stream, Gtime expired service with East Kent Regiment 16/1/16; re-enlisted 3/8/16 for home service; address: The Stream, Goudhurst
105Crowther, FrankSapperRoyal Engineers - pioneersHomePriors Heath, Kaddress: Priors Heath
106Crowther, Frederick William CharlesPrivateRoyal West SurreysPriors Heath, K107address: Priors Heath; Military Medal 1918
107Crowther, ThomasPrivateBuffs - 2ndSalonikaVine Cottage, K106enlisted 28/4/15
108Curties, HaroldPrivateSherwood Foresters - 5th (Notts & Derby)Clay Hill, Gaddress: Clay Hill
109Curtis, WilliamBuffs - 5thForge Farm, Kin list of men serving in 1914-cannot identify further ; address: Forge Farm
110Davis, GeorgePrivateArmy Service Corps - MTHomeNorth Road, Gattested: 28/2/16; mobilised: 29/05/1916; discharged: 01/06/1917 ill health; address: North Road
111Davis, George Frederick2nd LieutenantBuffs- 5th; RAFHomeHolly House, Genlisted: 4/12/13; commission 30/10/1914; depot clerk & sometimes training recruits- based at Sandwich; attached RAF 15/10/17- 31/8/18
112Davis, JamesPrivateBuffsEgyptWIden Green, Gin list of men serving in Buffs in 1914; reported wounded in Egypt in 1916; cannot identify further; address: Iden Green
113Dengate, HughSapperRoyal EngineersWFWKilndownwounded in hand - hospital in Bournemouth in July 1918; address: Kilndown; in Home Guard WW2
114Denham, Llewellyn StephenCaptainMiddlesex RegimentWFTaywell, Gregular soldier; address: Taywell 1912 - c 1915.
115Diprose, CharlesPrivateAgricultural Company - 572ndHomeTrottenden, G116, 117brother of Harry & John James Diprose; address: Trottenden
116Diprose, HarryLance CorporalBuffs -1/5thAsiaticWTrottenden, G115, 117wounded 1917; brother of Charles & John James Diprose; in Buffs India photo; address: Trottenden
117Diprose, John JamesPrivateYorks & LancsWF & ItalyTrottenden, G115, 116attested: 29/11/15; mobilised: 23/1/16; had previously served 4 years in The Buffs; brother of Harry & Charles Diprose; address: Trottenden
118Dodd, Lewis (Louis)SergeantArmy Veterinary CorpsThree Chimneys, Kaddress: Three Chimneys
119Douglas, Keith SholtoCaptainRoyal EngineersGallipoli ; MespotamiaBrandfold, Genlisted 1914; address: Brandfold (son of the owner); father of Keith Douglas, well known WW2 poet killed WW2
120Drake, Alfred DouglasPrivateRoyal West Surreys 51stKilndown121enlisted: 12/7/17; brother of William Stanley Drake; address: Kilndown
121Drake, William StanleyCorporalLondon Yeomanry 3rdKilndown120no other information traced; brother of Alfred Douglas Drake; address: Kilndown
122Drury, George EdwardPrivateArmy Veterinary Corps; Labour CorpHomeMarlingate, Kenlisted: 11/7/16; previously rejected by medical board 1/9/14; address: Marlingate, Goudhurst
123Dyer, Jason SamuelPrivateArmy Service Corps - Remount DepotHomeKilndownenlisted: 22/2/16; discharged: 16/2/17 (medically unfit); address: Kilndown
124Eedes, Reginald George "Rex"2nd LieutenantEssex Territorials - new Reserve bn (2/5th) ; Lincolnshire Regiment - 4thWFWManor House, Genlisted: 14/9/14; commission into Lincolnshire regiment 26/6/17; GSW right shoulder (not serious) and gassed (shell) at Bullecourt 21/3/18; address: Manor House
125Eldridge, William Thomas DenwardCorporal - FarrierRoyal West Kent; Royal EngineersTaywell Cottages, Gattested: 8/11/15; mobilised: 29/7/16; address: Taywell Cottages
126Everest, Albert ThomasPrivateKent Cycle battn; Royal West Kents - 1stRisebridge, Gaddress: Risebridge
127Farley, Ernest WilliamRNenlisted: 5/5/10; discharged
128Farley, Henry Herbert (Harry)PrivateSouth Lancs - 4thWFGate House Cottages, Kaddress: Kilndown
129Fillery, PercyPrivateArmy Service Corps - MTWFKilndown130, 131enlisted: 24/10/16; brother of Walter & Victor Fillery; address: Kilndown
130Fillery, Victor HerbertStokerRNKilndown129, 131enlisted: 2/5/16; brother of Walter & Percy Fillery; address: Kilndown
131Fillery, WalterDriverKent Fortress RE; Royal EngineersEgyptWKilndown129.13enlisted: 5/6/1914; invalided to UK: 8/9/18; brother of Percy & Victor Fillery; address: Kilndown
132Fishenden, George ThomasDriverArmy Service CorpsWFKilndown134, 135brother of Mark & Robert Ivan Fishenden; address: Kilndown
133Fishenden, Herbert EdwardLance CorporalRoyal Sussex -11th; 1/4thWFTower Cottage, Kilndownawarded the MM for laying out new wires and mending broken ones under heavy fire on the Somme in November 1916; awarded bar to the MM for conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty in operations at Menin Road on 25th, 26th 27th September 1917; address: Kilndown
134Fishenden, MarkAir MechanicKSLI; RFC; RAF - Air Mechanic - 3rdBedgebury Park, K132, 135enlisted: 14/6/17; RFC: 26/12/17; RAF:1/4/18; brother of Robert Ivan & George Thomas Fishenden; address: Bedgebury Park, Kilndown
135Fishenden, Robert IvanPrivateKent Cyclist BnHomeKilndown132, 134enlisted: 07/12/1914; invalided out bad heart; discharged: 14/05/1915; brother of Mark & George Thomas; address: Kilndown
136Foreman, AlbertSapperRoyal Engineers?MSTHolly Cottages, Gattested: 21/2/1916; mobilised: 29/1/18; he had been granted several exemptions by the military service tribunal during 1916 and 1917; address: Holly Cottages, Goudhurst
137Foster, Ewart ThomasPrivateBuffs; London Regiment 14th & 13thWF; Salonika: ; EgyptTrillinghurst, K138, 140enlisted: 7/3/12; brother of James Charles & Robert James Foster; address: Riseden (Trillinghurst)
138Foster, James CharlesPrivateRW Surreys - 51st; 4/5th BuffsHomeTrillinghurst, K137, 140enlisted: 25/5/1916; brother of Ewart Thomas & Robert James Foster; address: Riseden (Trillinghurst)
139Foster, PercivalCorporalBuffs; Army Pay Corps; Army Service Corps - 369th MTHomeMSTFrog's Hole, Genlisted: 6/10/16; prior to enlisting: appeal on conscientious grounds from order of the local tribunal, to join non-combative branch; still not happy if it released a man for active service; address: Frogs Hall; He was killed in a car crash in Spain in 1927.
140Foster, Robert JamesDriverRoyal EngineersWFTrillinghurst, K137, 138enlisted: 15/9/14; brother of Ewart Thomas & James Charles Foster; address: Riseden (Trillinghurst)
141Fowler, AlfredDriverArmy Service Corps - 339th CoSmugley, Gno other information traced; address: Smugley
142Fuggle, George HerbertCQM SergeantRAFLidwells, Gno other information traced; address: Lidwells
143Gilbert, PercyBombadierRoyal Field ArtilleryWFMSTCrowbourne, Gattested: 16/11/1915; mobilised: 7/4/16; refused exemption from service my military recruitment tribunal March 1916; address: Crowbourne
144Giles, FrankFarrier SergeantRW Kent (Militia) Dragoon Guards; Army Service Corps;WFChurch Road, Genlisted: 14/8/1900; (RWK) ; transferred Dragoons: c. 5/12/1902; to reserve: 4/12/1909; re-engaged: 5/1/213 - to army reserve; mobilised: 6/8/14; address: Church Road
145Giles, FrederickActing CorporalRoyal Fusiliers - 26thHigh Street, G146, 147brother of Roger & Harold Burt Giles; address: High Street
146Giles, Harold BurtCQM SergeantRoyal Engineers - field companiesHomeTown Row, G145, 148enlisted: 5/11/1914; Poor sight in left eye kept him in UK at various locations as a clerk, which made the eyesight worse. brother of Roger & Frederick Giles; address: Town Row
147Giles, RogerPrivateMachine Gun CorpsHigh Street, G145, 147Frederick & Harold Burt Giles; address: High Street
148Golding, HarryPrivateArmy Veterinary CorpsWFSmugley, Gaddress: Smugley
149Goldsmith, George DavidLance CorporalRoyal West Kent; Middx Regiment; Royal EngineersKilndownErnest (d)enlisted: 03/06/1916; brother of Ernest Goldsmith (killed) ; address: Kilndown
150Gooding, Thomas JamesPrivateRAMCWF ; SalonikaGoudhurstenlisted: 15/10/14; previous service with RAMC territorials 1911-1913 & Grenadier Guards: 17/4/13; discharged: 2/2/14;
151Goodsell, Eric Sydney WilfredPrivateMiddlesex Regiment - 25thChurch Road, Genlisted: 7/10/16; shipwrecked in 9/2/17 when troopship "Tyndareus" was mined off Cape of Good Hope; Silver War Badge (sickness); address: Church Road
152Goodsell, Frank LewisWest Somerset Yeomanry 3/1stHomeSummerhill, Kenlisted: 06/10/1916; address: Kilndown; emigrated to New Zealand 1920
153Groves, CharlesPrivateArmy Service Corps - MTEgyptMSTCurtisden Green154, 155attested: 14/2/1916; granted 3 months exemption from military service in March 1916 by the Military service tribunal - as his father (aged c. 76) was unable to work without help; further request for exemption refused in November 1916; brother of William John & Thomas Mark Groves; address: Curtisden Green
154Groves, Thomas MarkCorporal - Shoeing SmithRoyal Field ArtilleryWFCurtisden Green153, 155enlisted: 24/1/1903; discharged to reserve: 1906; mobilised: 5/8/14; discharged: 28/1/16; brother of William John & Charles Groves; address: Curtisden Green
155Groves, William JohnUS ArmyCurtisden Green153, 154drafted in to US army Sept 1918; emigrated to USA 1903, naturalized 1911; brother of Charles & Thomas Mark Groves
156Hale, Leslie HaroldAir MechanicR E Kent Yeomanry; Middx Rifles; RFC/RAFMEF; WFWinchet Hill, GEnlisted: 6/1/13; RFC: 18/2/1916; address: Winchet Hill
157Hammond, Albert EdwardPrivateKent Cyclists ; BuffsWF; EgyptSpelmonden, Genlisted: 12/12/1915; address: Spelmonden Farm
158Hammond, Herbert John WilliamStokerRNRisebridge, G160 & Frederick (d)enlisted: 10/10/16; brother of Frederick (killed) & William George Hammond; address: Risebridge
159Hammond, JohnQM SergeantArmy Service CorpsHomeSpringwood, Bedgebury, Genlisted: 25/11/14 (aged 54); discharged: 29/9/17 (old age); previous service in 11th Hussars - discharged: 1895; address: Springwood, Bedgebury Park
160Hammond, William GeorgePrivateTank CorpsRisebridge, G158 & Frederick (d)enlisted: 24th June 1919; address: Risebridge
161Harris, Reginald StewartPrivateNot knownWChequers Inn, GBertam (d)1918, reported by local paper recovering from head wound; unable to identify military record; brother of Bertram Harris (killed)
162Haskell, Leonard VictorSergeantBuffs - 2nd BnWFChurch Road, GEnlisted: c. 1907/08; in Singapore with the regiment in 1911; address: Church Road
163Hatch, Herbert ErnestUnknownArmy Veterinary CorpsGrove Place, G164enlisted: 29/11/1915; brother of Mercer Frank; no other information identified
164Hatch, Mercer FrankEngineer, Fitter (E) - Mechanic 1AirRNAS;RAFGrove Place, G163enlisted: 29/4/15; brother of Herbert Ernest Hatch; address: Grove Place
165Haylor, George William FrederickPrivateBuffs - 4th; Bedford, 1st garrison bnIndiaStoney Lane, Genlisted: 4/2/1915; previously in 2nd Weald of Kent Volunteer Battalion prior to August 1914; address: Stoney Lane
166Hayward, EdwardPrivateBuffs -1/5thAsiaticWChequers Road, Genlisted: 8/12/14 discharged: 12/4/17; wounded: 14/4/16; leg amputated; Silver War Badge; brother in law of Horace Browning (killed); address: Chequers Road
167Hickmott, GeorgeCorporalRoyal Garrison ArtilleryLittle Combourne, Gno other information traced; address: Little Combourne
168Hickmott, WilliamPrivateRoyal Marine Labour CorpsLittle Combourne, Gno other information traced; address: Little Combourne
169Hicks, Henry GeorgePrivateRoyal West Surreys - 1stWFW, POWWest Road, Gattested: 10/12/15; mobilised: 6/4/16; wounded: 3/11/16; 23/4/17; POW 23/4/17; address: West Road
170Hide, Ernest GeorgeOrdinary SeamanRNHope Mill Cottages, G171enlisted: 21/5/1918; brother of Stanley Edward Hide; address: Hope Mill Cottages
171Hide, Stanley EdwardBoyRNHope Mill Cottages, G170enlisted: 1/7/18; brother of Ernest George Hide; address: Hope Mill Cottages
172Hyde, CharlesColour SergeantOxford & Bucks Light InfantryWorms Hill, Gin list of Goudhurst Men in army in 1914; no other information traced address: Worms Hill
173Hill, FrankPrivateRoyal West KentHomeenlisted: 12/8/14; discharged: 3/11/14
174Hill, HerbertPrivateRoyal West Surrey; Middlesex Regiment - 9thClay Hill, Gaddress: Clay Hill
175Hinds, George VernonLieutenantRoyal West Kent - 10th; 1st Signal Company REMaypole, Genlisted: 2/6/15; mentioned in Haig's despatches - 9th April 1917; transferred from the RWK to 1st Signal Co. 15th Oct 1917; Military Cross
176Hobbs, JamesPrivateLabour Corps - 698th Agricultural CoyThree Chimneys, K177enlisted: 5/7/17; brother of William Frank Hobbs; address: Three Chimneys
177Hobbs, William FrankStokerRNThree Chimneys, K176enlisted: 9/3/16; brother of James Hobbs; address: Three Chimneys
178Hodgkin, Edward JubileePrivateRoyal Irish Fusiliers; Connaught RangersWest Road, Kilndownaddress: Kilndown
179Hogsflesh, Frederick GeorgePrivateArmy Service Corps - Remount DepotWFTattlebury Corner, Genlisted: 13/12/14; address: Tattlebury Corner
180Hollyer, Charles ThomasPrivateMGC; RW KentCombwell Gate, Kno other information traced; address: Combwell Gate
181Honeysett, WilliamStokerRNBaker's Cottages, West Road, Genlisted: 19/1/17; address: Kilndown
182Hooker, Charlie StewartPrivateLondon Regiment - 15th, 2nd, 18thLadham, Gno other information traced; address: Ladham
183Hope, George HerbertPrivateMiddlesex Regiment - 5thRisebridge, Genlisted: 6/3/1916; also known as: George Herbert Hope Osborne; address: Risebridge
184Hope, HenryPrivateMachine Gun Corps - 56thChequers Road, Gaddress: Chequers Road
185Howard, Albert Henry JosephSergeantDragoon Guards - 7thWFWNorth Road, Gin list of Goudhurst Men in army in 1914; wounded 1917; also known as name: Henry Joseph Albert Howard; address: North Road
186Humphrey , Albert VictorSergeantHussars - 19th; Leicester RegimentWFTown Row, G187, 188, 189c. 1907/08; in Aldershot with the regiment in 1911; brother of Henry Leslie & Frederick James & William Charles Humphrey; address: Town Row
187Humphrey , Frederick JamesDriverRoyal Field ArtilleryTown Row, G186, 188, 189brother of Albert Victor & Henry Leslie & William Charles Humphrey; address: Rope Walk
188Humphrey , Henry LesliePrivateAgricultural Company - 897thTown Row, G186, 187, 189enlisted: 6/3/17; no other information traced; brother of Albert Victor & Frederick James & William Charles Humphrey; address: Rope Walk
189Humphrey , William CharlesSapperRoyal Engineers - Railway Operational DivisionEgyptTown Row, G186, 187, 188attested: 13/1/16; mobilised: 12/12/17; brother of : Albert Victor, Frederick James, Henry Leslie Humphrey; address: Clapham
190Humphries, Ernest LaingPrivateRoyal Field ArtilleryMSTHigh Street, GGiven exemptions by Military Recruitment Tribunal 3 times in 1916; probably mobilised c. 1917. No other information traced; address: High Street
191Ingram, Harold AlbertPrivateLancers - 9th; Leicester RegimentRanters,Genlisted pre 1911 - with Lancers in Canterbury; mobilised: 05/08/1914; address: Ranters
192Jessel, GeorgeCaptainBuffs - 1/5thIndia ; AsiaticWLadham, G193enlisted: August 1914; wounded 7/1/16; mentioned in despatches 1916; Military Cross; brother of Richard Hugh Jessel; address: Ladham House
193Jessel, Richard HughCaptainBuffs- 5th; Hampshire - 7thWFLadham, G192brother of George Jessel; address: Ladham House
194Jezzard, Christopher GeorgePrivateRoyal Defence Corps; Royal Welsh FusiliersHomeMonks, Gattested: 10/12/15; mobilised: 22/1/17; given 8 month exemption in 1916; address: Monks Farm, and Taywell Cottage
195Jones, JesseLance CorporalLeinster RegimentSpringwood, Bedgebury, Gno other information traced; address: Springwood Lodge
196Jordan, JohnGunnerRoyal Garrison ArtilleryCombwell, GWith HMS Jathar?; address: Combwell Farm
197Kemp, Bridle Henry (aka Henry Kemp)PrivateBuffs- 2nd/5th; Labour CorpsLadham Cottages, G199, 202, 203 & Albert Edward (d)enlisted: 08/08/1914 as Henry Kemp; brother of Albert Edward (killed) & Walter James, Michael Patrick & William Charles Kemp; address: Ladham Cottages
198Kemp, FrankPrivate2nd QueensWNorth Road, G201 & Arthur James (d)wounded: 1916; brother of Arthur James (killed) & Stuart Kemp; address: North Road
199Kemp, Michael PatrickPrivateBuffs -2/5thLadham Cottages, G197, 202, 203 & Albert Edward (d)enlisted: 16/11/1914; brother of Albert Edward (killed) & Walter James, Bridle Henry Kemp
200Kemp, RobertPrivateBuffsBalkansWRisebridge Cottages, Genlisted: 6/11/14; wounded: 10/11/17; address: Risebridge Cottages, Kilndown
201Kemp, StuartL/SgtLondon Reg - 22nd (Queens)WF; Balkans; EgyptNorth Road, G198 & Arthur James (d)According to obituary in Parish Mag in 1968 he was among the first troops to enter Jerusalem with Allenby; brother of : Arthur James (killed)& Frank Kemp; address: North Road
202Kemp, Walter JamesPrivateBuffs -3/5thHome?Ladham Cottages, G197, 199 & Albert Edward (d)enlisted: 11/12/1915; brother of Albert Edward (killed), William Charles, Bridle Henry & Michael Patrick
203Kemp, William CharlesPrivateEast Surrey - 7thThe Retreat, Trottenden, G197, 198, 199, 202enlisted: 29/11/15; address: The Retreat
204Kendon, David Gildersleve2nd LieutenantArtist's Rifles; Royal Garrison Artillery - 331 Siege BatteryWFThe Firs, Curtisden Green, Genlisted: 10 Dec 1915; 2nd Lieut in RGA 16/1/17; trench fever 1917 & 1918
205Kendon, Donald HenryCorporalRoyal Engineers; RAFBethany House School, G206enlisted: 11/6/18; address: Bethany School
206Kendon, Frank Samuel HerbertSapperRoyal Engineers - signalsEgyptBethany House School, G205enlisted: 13/7/15; address: Bethany School
207Kimber, FrederickLeading SeamanRNCurtisden Green, G208enlisted: 5/3/13; brother of William Wellington Kimber; address: Forstal, Curtisden Green
208Kimber, William WellingtonPrivateRoyal Field ArtilleryWF; MeditteraneanCurtisden Green, G207enlisted: 31/8/14; brother of Frederick Kimber; address: Forstal, Curtisden Green
209Lawrence, John HerbertQM SergeantArmy Service CorpsRussiaClay Hill, Gaddress: Clay Hill
210Leeves, GeorgePrivateBuffs - 1/5thAsiaticWhite's Cottages, Genlisted: c. 1914; in Buffs India photo; address: Whites Cottages
211Levett, WilliamPrivateLabour CorpsHomeGate House Farm, Kenlisted: 5/2/18; discharged on medical grounds: 24/4/18
212Lewis, Henry DavidLieutenantRNVRBedgebury Park, Kenlisted: pre 19/2/15; address: Bedgebury Park ( son of owner)
213Light, HarryPrivateEast Surrey - 4thWForge Farm, Kenlisted: 27/5/18; wounded: 23/10/18; address: Forge Farm
214Lindridge, Alfred EdwardPrivateRoyal Fusiliers; Labour CorpsWFMorebreddis, G215, 216, 217Brother of Ernest John (d.1919); Herbert Richard & George Charles Lindridge; address: Morbreddis
215Lindridge, Ernest JohnSapper (shoeing smith)Royal EngineersWFMorebreddis, G214, 216, 217died 2/9/19, as result of war experiences; brother of Herbert Richard, George Charles & Alfred Edward Lindridge; address: Morbreddis
216Lindridge, George CharlesPrivateBuffs - 2ndWFMorebreddis, G214, 215, 217
217Lindridge, Herbert RichardCorporalBuffs- 1/5th; Royal Garrison ArtilleryAsiaticWMorebreddis, G214, 215, 2161917: wounded in right arm in hospital in Amara; sent to India to recuperate; In previously published Buffs India photo, wrongly identified as E Lindridge; Brother of Ernest John (d.1919), George chares & Alfred Edward Lindridge; address: Morbreddis
218Little , Reginald WalterSea ScoutBeresford Road, Glist of Scouts in 1915 - on Coastguard Duty ;born: 1899; son of James & Harriett
219Loder, AlfredDriverRoyal Field ArtilleryWFCombourne, G220, 221, 222, 223, 224 & Arthur (d)enlisted: 20/03/15; brother of Arthur (killed), John, Sidney, Edward & Frank Loader; address: Combourne
220Loder, Edgar RoyDriverRoyal Field Artillery, Royal Horse ArtilleryCombourne, G219, 221, 222, 223, 224 & Arthur (d)brother of Arthur (killed), Edward, John, Alfred & Frank Loader; address: Combourne
221Loder, Edward GeorgeSergeantHussars - 13thWF ; MesopotamiaWCombourne, G219, 220, 222, 223, 224 & Arthur (d)Service in India 6 years prior to 1914; wounded c. 1917; brother of Arthur (killed), John, Sidney, Alfred & Frank Loader; address: Combourne
222Loder, FrankSergeantRFA; Essex Regiment – 11thBalkansCombourne, G219, 220, 221, 223, 224 & Arthur (d)Enlisted: 5/2/15; wounded 24/9/1918 at St Quintin and awarded the DCM for actions taken.
223Loder, JohnPrivateDragoon Guards - 5th; Scottish RiflesWFCombourne, G219, 220, 221, 222, 224 & Arthur (d)enlisted: 6/10/1902; discharged; 15//10/15 after 13 years’ service; re-called: 17/7/16 (Scottish Rifles); in hospital June 1917; discharged: 26/12/17 (sickness); brother of Arthur (killed), Edward, Sidney, Alfred & Frank Loader; address: Combourne
224Loder, Sidney EdwinLance CorporalRoyal Garrison Artillery; Royal Dublin Fusiliers - 2nd; Machine Gun CorpsWFWCombourne, G219, 220, 221, 222, 223 & Arthur (d)reported in hospital June 1917; brother of Arthur (killed),Edward, John, Alfred & Frank Loader; address: Combourne
225Lovell, Albert HewittLance CorporalKings Royal RiflesWFWClay Hill Mount, G226, 227 & Augustus (d)enlisted: 28/3/13; discharged: 13/6/16 (wounds); brother of Augustus (killed) , Roland Clement & Charles Lovell; address: Clay Hill Mount
226Lovell, Charles GeorgePrivateRoyal West KentWFW, POWClay Hill Mount, G225, 226, & Augustus (d)enlisted: 22/01/1903; wounded in 1914; POW : returned to Goudhurst in Jan 1919; brother of Augustus (killed) and Albert & Roland Clement Lovell; address: Clay Hill Mount
227Lovell, Roland ClementLieutenantRifle Brigade - 3rdWFClay Hill Mount, G225, 227, & Augustus (d)enlisted: 17/6/1907 Cranbrook; served in Ireland; re-engaged 16/1914; Home ill: 26/9/1915-30/5/1917 - possibly enteric fever; commissioned 26/11/1917; brother of Augustus Lovell (killed), Albert Hewitt & Charles George; address: Clay Hill Mount
228Lovell, WilliamColour SergeantRoyal Marine Light InfantryClay Hill, GService 1891-1912; recalled 1914; At Siege of Antwerp 1914. address: Clay Hill
229Luck, Alfred LewisPrivateMiddlesex - 17thRisebridge, G230, 231, 233 & George & James (d)brother of George & James (killed), Frank, Charles & William Luck
230Luck, Charles DavidPrivateR West Surrey; Labour CorpsRisebridge, G229, 231, 233 & George & James (d)brother of George & James (killed), Frank, William & Alfred Luck
231Luck, FrankPrivateCanadian E F - 32ndRisebridge, G229, 230, 233 & George & James (d)enlisted: 21/12/1914 – Winnipeg; brother of George & James (killed), William, Charles & Alfred Luck
232Luck, Percy JamesSergeantRoyal West Surrey; Machine Gun CorpsWLidwells Lane, Genlisted: 29/2/16; instructor in the MGC; 1917:when drilling a loose bayonet struck him in the eye; address: Laundry House, Lidwells Lane ( Troy Laundry)
233Luck, William FrederickPrivateR West Surrey; Labour CorpsRisebridge, G229, 230, 231 & George & James (d)brother of George & James (killed), Frank, Charles & Alfred Luck; address: Risebridge
234Lulham, Frederick GeorgePrivateGrenadier Guards - 4thWFPOWBrandfold Cottages, Gattested: 9/2/15; mobilised: 2/6/16; POW - 13/4/18; address: Brandfold Cottage
235Mancktelow, George WilliamSapperRoyal Engineers - Kent Fortress 2 CoWFWZion Farm Cottages, Genlisted:20/10/14; gassed/wounded: 23/8/17; address: Sion Farm
236Manser, AlfredPrivateBuffs - 2/5th; Royal West SurreyItalyHarpers Farm, Genlisted: 22/3/15; address: Harpers Farm
237Marchant, Frederick WilliamCorporalRoyal EngineersWFRatcliffe Cottages, North Road, G239enlisted: c. 1915; in list of Goudhurst Scouts who joined. Brother of William Benjamin Marchant; address: Ratcliffe Cottages, North Road
238Marchant, George ArthurLance Corporal3rd Reserve Cavalry Regiment; Duke of Lancaster’s Own Yeomanry; Corps of Dragoons; 4th Dragoon GuardsWhite's Cottages, Genlisted: 20/10/1916; address: Whites Farm Cottage
239Marchant, William BenjaminPrivateHampshire - 4thRatcliffe Cottages, North Road, G237enlisted: c. 1915; in list of Goudhurst Scouts who joined; brother of Frederick William Marchant; address: Ratcliffe Cottages, North Road
240Marchant, William JessePrivateArmy Service Corps - Field Bakery CorpWFMST1 Hillside, Gattested: 13/12/15; Dec 1916, given exemption until Jan1917 by Military Service Tribunal mobilised: 30/1/17; address: 1, Hillside
241Marsh, Hugh VictorCorporalRFC; RAFHomeBeresford Road, Genlisted: 13/10/15; address: Beresford Road
242Marshall, Charles GeoffreyPrivateArmy Service CorpsWFNorth Road, Genlisted: 18/11/14; address: North Road
243Martin, Arthur ThomasRAF?Iden Green, Gin Absent Voters List with no details; address: Iden Green
244Martin, Cecil FrederickPrivateBuffs -1/ 5thAsiaticHigh Street, Greported ill in Mesopotamia in 1916; In Buffs India photo; address: High Street
245Martin, GeorgePrivateRoyal West Surrey - 6thWFKilndownenlisted 23/1/17; May 1918 - nearly taken prisoner but got away with his Lewis gun; Military Medal; address: Kilndown
246Martin, GeorgePrivateRoyal Engineers - Kent Fortress 2 CoHomeMetz Place, Beresford Road, Genlisted: 06/11/1914; address: Metz Place, Beresford Road
247Martin, HarrySergeantRoyal FusiliersWParish magazine Jan. 1919 reports he was wounded just before the armistice. Unable to identify further
248Martin, JesseWheelerArmy Service CorpsHomeCombourne, Genlisted: 22/11/15; address: Combourne Farm; & Bakers Farm
249Martin, John PilbeamPrivateRoyal Fusiliers - 24thTattlebury, G250, 251brother of Stephen & Thomas Edward Martin; address: Tattlebury
250Martin, StephenPrivateBuffs - 8th & 9thTattlebury, G249, 251enlisted: 20/11/15; discharged: 16/8/18 (sick); Silver War Badge; brother of John Pilbeam & Thomas Edward Martin; address: Tattlebury
251Martin, Thomas EdwardStokerRNTattlebury, G249, 250enlisted: 25/11/15; brother of Stephen & John Pilbeam Martin; address: Tattlebury
252Mason, Eric PercyPrivate/SapperBuffs 1/5th; Royal Engineers - Inland Waterways & DocksIndiaHigh Street, Gattested: 8/8/14 "D" company 1/5th Buffs; transferred to RE as Motor boat driver: c. 2/4/17; joined RAF 11/9/19; In photo of Goudhurst men in India.
253Mepham, Charles EdwinRNAS; RAFMount Villas, Curtisden Green, G254, 256, 257enlisted: 28/2/16; brother of Christopher Percy & Sidney Mepham; address: Mount Villa, Curtisden Green
254Mepham, Christopher PercyPrivateTank Corps -1stMount Villas, Curtisden Green, G253, 256, 257enlisted: 14/5/17; March 1917, granted an exemption by Military Service Tribunal until April 1917; brother of Charles Edwin & Sidney Reginald & Stanley Benjamin Mepham; address: Mount Villa, Curtisden Green
255Mepham, FrankPrivateRoyal West KentW1 Welches Cottages, Genlisted: 28/5/16; discharged: 5/12/17 (wounds); address: 1 Welches Cottages
256Mepham, Sidney ReginaldStokerRNMount Villas, Curtisden Green, G253, 254, 257enlisted: 15/11/1911; brother of Charles Edwin & Christopher Percy & Stanley Benjamin Mepham; address: Mount Villa, Curtisden Green
257Mepham, Stanley BenjaminSergeant MechanicRNASMount Villas, Curtisden Green, G253, 254, 256enlisted: 23/3/15; brother of Charles Edwin & Christopher Percy Mepham; address: Mount Villa, Curtisden Green
258Mitchell, Walter ThomasPrivateKent Cyclists - 3/1stWF & MesopotamiaWPriors Heath, Kenlisted: 13/12/15; discharged: wounded: 2/10/16; address: Priors Heath
259Moon , Robert James?BuffsHope Mill Cottages, Gin list of men serving in Buffs in 1914 published in parish magazine; unable to identify any military record; address: Hope Mill Cottages
260Moore, Alfred HoracePrivateSouth StaffordshireTrillinghurst, KVictor Iden (d)no further information traced; brother of Victor Iden Moore, (killed)
261Moy, Edward Albert?RNMorebreddis, Genlisted: 27/07/1916; 1915: Sea Scout on Coastguard duties; address: Morebreddis
262Neve, Benjamin JohnLance CorporalBuffs -1/5th; Military Foot PoliceIndia & MesopotamiaWOak Cottage, Genlisted: 8/8/1914; wounded: 21/1/16; transferred to MFP April 1917; in photo of Goudhurst Men in India; address: Oak Cottage
263Newick, WalterPrivateBuffs -1/5thIndia & MesopotamiaClay Hill Mount, Genlisted: 10/8/1914; in photo of Goudhurst Men in India; address: Clay Hill Mount
264Nye, _?Colour SergeantBuffs – 1/5thIndia & Mesopotamiaunable to clarify further -but may be Edward Nye; in photo of Goudhurst men in India in 1915
265Ollive, Jesse JamesPrivateBuffs; Labour CorpBalkansWLillesden, G266enlisted: 30/11/14; wounded; brother of Reginald Ollive; address: Lillesden Cottage & Three Chimneys
266Ollive, ReginaldPrivateLiverpool RegimentLillesden, G265brother of Jesse James; address: Lillesden Cottage & Three Chimneys
267Osborne, AlfredPrivateKent Cyclists; Royal West KentIndiaThe Gables, Kenlisted: 21/12/14; address: The Gables, Kilndown
268Osborne, Edward GeorgeDriverBuffs – 2/5th; City of London RiflesHomeTaywell Cottages, Genlisted: 8/8/14; address: Taywell Cottages
269Osborne, JohnPrivateBuffs – 4thHunts Lane, Gaddress: Hunts Lane
270Osborne, JohnPrivateBuffs - 3/5thRanters Hall, Genlisted: 19/5/1916; address: Ranters Hall
271Osborne, John MalcolmAir Mechanic; ClerkRNAS;RAFHome1 Hillside, G272 & Sidney Frank (d)enlisted: 22/10/15; brother of Sidney Frank (killed) & William Frederick Osborne; address: 1 Hillside
272Osborne, William FrederickSergeant MechanicArmy Service Corp - MT; RFC/RAFWFClay Hill Mount, G271 & Sidney Frank (d)enlisted: 19/11/1915; transferred to RFC 13/3/16; brother of Sidney Frank (killed) & John Malcolm Osborne
273Page, CharlesPrivateLancers - 5thMill Cottages, Church Road, G274, 275 & Oliver Frank (d)enlisted: before 1914; Reservist; brother of Oliver Frank (killed); & Philip Page address: Mill Cottages, Church Road
274Page, Douglas WalterAble SeamanRNMill Cottages, Church Road, G273, 275, & Oliver Frank (d)enlisted: 19/5/14; brother of Oliver Frank (killed) & Philip Page ; address: Mill Cottages, Church Road
275Page, PhilipPrivateBuffs; Kings Own Scottish BoardersWFMill Cottages, Church Road, G273, 274, & Oliver Frank (d)enlisted: 5/8/14; 1916: strained ankles; 1917: Trench Fever; brother of Oliver Frank (killed) Charles & Douglas Walter Page; address: Mill Cottages, Church Road
276Parrett, FrederickPrivateRoyal Sussex - 1stIndiaStone Crouch, Flimwell, Kenlisted: 30/7/07; address: Stone Crouch, Near Post Boys Inn
277Pattenden, Frank EdwinPrivateRoyal EngineersEgyptChurch Cottages, K278brother of Kenneth; address: Kilndown
278Pattenden, KennethCorporalRoyal Sussex - 5thWFChurch Cottages, K279Awarded Military Medal for "conspicuous bravery on 17/7/1916 at Oviliers La Boiselle in marking out a new sap into an enemy trench just captured and under heavy shell fire" ; brother of : Frank Edwin; address: Church Cottages, Kilndown
279Paul, John RobertPrivateRoyal West Surreys - 1stW, POWGoudhurstenlisted: pre 1914? 1916: wounded; POW
280Pearce, Herbert WalterStokerRNIden Green, Genlisted: 25/11/15; address: Iden Green
281Peckham, Arthur ErnestSergeantRoyal Garrison ArtilleryWFenlisted: 16/7/07;
282Penfold, Ernest EdwardPrivateRifle Brigade - 11thBeresford Road, G284, 285 & Herbert & Eustace (d)no further information traced - as noted in KSC; brother of Herbert and Eustace (killed) & Leslie & John Alexander Penfold
283Penfold, JamesPrivateEast Lancs - 2ndHorsegates, Kinformation from printed absent voter's list; unable to trace further information; address: Horse Gates, Bedgebury
284Penfold, John AlexanderPrivateBuffs - 2nd; Labour CorpsWFBeresford Road, G282, 285 & Herbert & Eustace (d)attested: 19/2/16; mobilised: 24/03/1916 brother of Eustace & Herbert (killed) &Leslie & Ernest Edward; address: Beresford Road
285Penfold, LesliePrivateArmy Service Corps - 72nd CoBeresford Road, G282, 284 & Herbert & Eustace (d)brother of Eustace & Herbert (killed) & John Alexander & Ernest Edward ; address: Beresford Road
286Phillips, Thomas AlbertGunnerRoyal Garrison ArtilleryWFLidwells Lane, G287enlisted: pre 1911; brother of William George Phillips; address: Lidwells Lane
287Phillips, William GeorgeAble SeamanRoyal NavyLidwells Lane, G286enlisted: 30/10/14; brother of Thomas Albert Phillips; address: Lidwells Lane
288Phippen, Reginald Lindon Alfred ArtemasPrivateDurhams - 51stHomeProvidence Cottages, Curtisden Green, Gno other information traced; appears on AVL as R Louder" A Phippen; address: 2 Providence Cottages, Curtisden Green
289Pooley, EdwardPioneerRoyal EngineersHomeRanters, Genlisted: 19/4/15; discharged: 24/1/16 (medically unfit); previous service in Royal Marine Light Infantry; address: Ranters
290Pooley, George FrederickPrivate??Zion Farm Cottages, G291, 292printed AVL says in the AMIA - but no explanation of its meaning and we cannot identify
291Pooley, James EdwardChief StokerRNClay Hill Mount, G290, 291enlisted: 12/8/1896; "brought to notice of the Admiralty for valuable service in prosecution of the war"; brother of William John; address: Ranters
292Pooley, William JohnCorporalRoyal EngineersWFClay Hill Mount, G290, 291brother of James Edward; address: Trowswell
293Popplewell, Thomas JohnPrivateMiddlesex RegimentMSTVine Hotel, GEnlisted: c.1917; in 1916 Military service tribunal gave him an exemption until 1/4/17; address: Vine Hotel
294Prickett, Llewellyn IsraelPrivateQueens; Labour CorpsWFChurch Road, Gaddress: Church Road
295Prickett, William HenryPrivateMachine Gun CorpsWFSpringwood, Bedgebury, Genlisted: 28/4/14; discharged: 30/9/18; address: Springwood Cottage
296Pyle, CharlesPrivateDurham Light InfantrySalonikaBallards Hill, Genlisted: 29/7/16; address: Ballards Hill
297Raikes, Humphrey RivazLieutenantBuffs; RFC/RAFWFWVicarage, G298, 299wounded: 1915; transferred to RFC November 1915; address: Vicarage; full biography in Dictionary of National Biography
298Raikes, John Walter JulianLieutenantRoyal EngineersWFVicarage, G297, 299address: Vicarage, Goudhurst
299Raikes, William OswellCaptainBuffs; RFC/RAFWF & EgyptVicarage, G297, 298In Cambridge Univ OTC 1910; attached RFC 1915; gassed; posted Egypt in RFC; address: Vicarage, Goudhurst
300Randall, Ernest JamesRigger?RFC/RAFTrowswell, Genlisted: 09/11/1915: RAF reserve: 6/2/19; died: 29/9/20; born: Hungerford, Berks; occupation: Footman/ gardeners assistant: Address: Trowswell ( 1911)
301Ratcliff, FrederickPrivateRFC; RAFWFMSTThe Plain, Genlisted: 9/3/17; in March 1916 Frederick was given an absolute exemption from military service by the Military Service Tribunal; The military representative appealed against this decision and the appeal was granted in Feb 1917 & Ratcliff was given a month to settle his business. Address: The Plain
302Rayner, _???High Street, G303a brother to Frank Rayner, who was reported as away in the army so unable to attend father's funeral in 1918. Unable to confirm which brother – it was either Percy Heavingham Rayner or Sydney Walter Rayner.
303Rayner, Frank HaroldItalyMSTHigh Street, G302refused exemption by Military Service Tribunal Nov 1916; Unable to attend father’s funeral in January 1918
304Reeves, Edwin Leonard ("Len")PrivateBuffs – 1/5thAsiaticVicarage Cottage, G?enlisted: c. 1914; in Goudhurst India Photo; address: Vicarage Cottage
305Relf, Albert CharlesPrivateRoyal West SurreyHomeLittle Combourne, G306attested: 10/11/15; mobilised: 6/4/15; invalided out: 09/06/16; army records show general ill health- local paper reported he was ill in June 1916. brother of George Relf; address: Little Combourne
306Relf, GeorgePrivate?MSTLittle Combourne, G305appeal not to enlist rejected by Military Service Tribunal in Feb 1917; enlisted c. 1917 and thought to have been discharged the same year. No further information identified; brother of Albert Charles; address: Little Combourne
307Remnant, Cecil JosephPrivateScots Guards; Army Service CorpsHomeMSTHigh Street, Gattested: 15/2/18; mobilised: 22/5/18; Sept 1916; Military Service Tribunal granted exemption to end of Dec 1916; address: High Street, Goudhurst
308Richards, George AlfredPrivateBuffs - 2/5th; Royal West SurreyWFWhite's Farm, Genlisted: 9/11/14; address: Whites Farm Goudhurst
309Richardson, Arthur HerbertPrivateGrenadier Guards - 3rdWFWClay Hill, G310, 311enlisted: 20/5/15; wounded: 24/6/17; 20/9/17; 27/11/17; address: Clay Hill
310Richardson, Samuel EdwardLieutenantRoyal EngineersClay Hill, G309, 311previously engaged in munition work; parish magazine reported offer of commission in 1917; no further information traced; address: Clay Hill
311Richardson, William GeorgePrivateNorthants - 6thWFClay Hill, G309, 310awarded Military Medal 1917 for bravery in connection with a bombing expedition on 17th Feb South Miraumont Trench
312Richer, John Arthur JamesAir MechanicRNAS; RAFWFGlobe & Rainbow, Kenlisted: 1/8/16; address: Globe & Rainbow, Kilndown
313Rickwood, HaroldPrivateArmy Service CorpsWFRiseden, Kenlisted: c. 1914; address: Riseden
314Robbins, Charles HenryCorporalRoyal Field ArtilleryWF2 Rose Cottages, Clay Hill, G315 & Frederick (d)enlisted: 14/1/02; discharged to army reserve: 13/1/14; mobilised: 5/8/14; in France for 4 years; brother of Frederick (killed) & William George Robbins; address: 2 rose Cottages, Clay Hill
315Robbins, William GeorgeLance CorporalBuffs – 4thHomeMST2 Rose Cottages, Clay Hill, G314 & Frederick (d)enlisted: 25/7/16; April 1916 refused exemption from Army Service despite being employed as a timber feller on government contracts by F Davis & Co, Ashford; brother of Frederick (killed) & Charles Henry Robbins; address: 2 Rose Cottages, Clay Hill
316Rootes, Albert EdwardOrdinary SeamanRNKilndown321enlisted: 10/1/16; probably brother of Harry William Rootes; address: Kilndown
317Rootes, ArthurLance CorporalBuffs; Labour CorpsWFWRope Walk, G319, 320, 322enlisted: 29/1/1908; 1916 -wounded, leg and eye; lost eye; discharged: 22/6/18; 1911 in Singapore with 2nd Bn Buffs; address: Rope Walk
318Rootes, Charles ThomasSignallerRNTown, Genlisted: 25/8/1898
319Rootes, ErnestActing SergeantRoyal Field ArtilleryWFWRope Walk, G317, 320, 322enlisted: 10/5/1907; injured (fractured skull from kick by mule): 10/7/18; address: Town Row;
320Rootes, FrederickPrivateArmy Service CorpsRope Walk, G317, 319, 322enlisted: ?/2/16 : address: Rope Walk
321Rootes, Harry WilliamPrivateBuffs; Royal Fusiliers; 3rd LondonKilndown316no further information traced; probably brother of Albert Rootes; address: Kilndown
322Rootes, PercyDriverRoyal Field ArtilleryRope Walk, G317, 319, 320enlisted: 22/11/1915; address: Rope Walk
323Russell, Thomas MalcolmPrivateLabour Corps - 429th Agricultural CoyFinchcocks Cottages, Kno further information traced; address: Finchcocks Cottage
324Sales, Frank (aka Frank Hodge)PrivateRoyal Fusiliers; Labour Corps - 426th Agricultural CoyEastern?MSTCrowbourne, Gattested: 16/12/15; mobilised: 7/6/16; discharged: refused exemption by Military Service Tribunal March 1916; stated he had previously served in R W Kents as Frank Hodge; birth name Frank Hodge, son of Orlando & Mary Ann Hodge; mother's maiden name was Sales; address: Crowbourne
325Sales, WilliamGunnerRoyal Garrison ArtilleryHomeNorth Road, Genlisted: 07/12/1916; address: North Road
326Sargent, WilliamDriverRoyal Field ArtilleryRanters Hall, Gfather of Harry (d. WW2)enlisted: 12/04/16; Oddfellows records also note he was in the Royal Veterinary Corps - not verified; address: Ranters Hall, Goudhurst; Father of Harry Sargent killed WW2
327Saunders, Alfred SaulPrivateRoyal Warwickshire; Hampshire - 10thBalkansChurch Road, G328 (half brother)enlisted: c. April 1915; no further information traced; half-brother of Thomas Rague Saunders; address: Church Road
328Saunders, Thomas RagueTrooperRoyal Horse Guards; MPHomeWinchet Hill, G327 ( half brother)enlisted: 6/6/16; Military Police ; previous service: 14/8/1895 to 13/8/07 - served in South Africa; half-brother of Alfred Saul Saunders
329Savill, Edward BenjaminGunnerRoyal Marine Light InfantryWorms Hill, Genlisted: 5/1/15; address: Worms Hill;
330Scott, Ephraim EdwardDriverArmy Service CorpsSpratts Well, K332brother of Reuben Scott; address: Spratt's Well, Kilndown
331Scott, HenryGunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryNorth Road, Gno other information traced; address: North Road
332Scott, Reuben??Spratts Well, K330on absent voter's list but with no regimental information - no other detail traced brother of Ephraim Edward Scott; address: Spratt's Well, Kilndown
333Sharpe, Victor EdwardPrivateNorfolk - Cyclist ; Yorks & LancsWFStone Cottage, Kattested: 11/12/15; mobilised: 5/10/16; address: Stone Cottage, Kilndown
334Shaw, GeorgePrivateEast Kent - 1/5thAsiaticLittle Glassenburyenlisted: 1914; in photo of Goudhurst Men in India; address: Little Glassenbury, Cranbrook
335Shepherd, George ArthurAble SeamanRNKilndownenlisted: 14/3/17; address: Kilndown
336Siggs, DanielGunnerRoyal Garrison Artillery; Labour CorpsBedgebury, Kenlisted: 6/6/16; address: Bedgebury
337Sillitoe, Frederick GeorgeLance CorporalRoyal Marine Light InfantryHolly Villas, Gbrother of Willie Ernest (d)enlisted: 24/11/14; brother of Willie Ernest Sillitoe(killed); Address :Holly Villas, Cranbrook Road
338Sillitoe, Thomas GeorgeColour SergeantRoyal MarinesHolly Villas, Gfather of 337 & Willie Ernest (d)enlisted: 1/5/1886; re-engaged: 8/1/1898; MSM awarded 1919; father of Willie Ernest (killed) & Frederick George Sillitoe; address: Holly Villas, Cranbrook Road
339Simmons, HoracePrivateRoyal West Surreys; BuffsHomeMSTCurtisden Green, Genlisted: 14/2/17; discharged: 15/5/17 and given a Silver War Badge; Military Service Tribunal refuse request for further exemption from service; enlisted a second time: 21/6/17; discharged: 25/7/17 - as medically unfit. He suffered from epilepsy and "mania"; address: Curtisden Green
340Simmons, James EdwardCorporalRoyal Engineers - Inland Water TransportHomeKilndownattested: 10/12/15; mobilised: 21/6/16; address: born Kilndown; living London
341Simmons, Percy WalterCorporalBedfords - 11thHomeStoney Lane, Genlisted: c. 1917; information from printed Absent Voter's List - unable to identify further; address: Stoney Lane
342Simmons, William HenryPrivateBuffs - 3rdWFMSTDeanery Cottages, Genlisted: 26/5/18; refused exemption by Military Service Tribunal in 1917; address: Deanery Cottage
343Smith, Alexander GodfreyPrivateArmy Service Corps - MTWhitestocks Cottage, Genlisted: 10/12/16; address: Whitestocks Cottage
344Smith, Arthur RichardAble SeamanRoyal NavySmugley, Genlisted: 18/8/11; address: Smugley
345Smith, EliPrivate2nd QueensMSTCombourne, Gno further information traced; probably the Eli Smith whom the military service tribunal had refused to exempt in 1917; address: Combourne
346Smith, G [eorge]PrivateEast Kent - 1/5thAsiaticG. Smith in Goudhurst Men India Photo 1915
347Smith, Percy ThomasCorporalRGA; Labour CorpsChurch Road, Genlisted: 10/7/16; gassed when with RGA; Silver War Badge 1919; address: Church Road
348Smith, Reginald HenryDriverArmy Service CorpsHomeFinchurst, Genlisted: 13/12/16; address: Finchurst
349Southon, David JamesPrivateBuffs - 1/5thAsiaticWChurch Road, Genlisted: 8/8/914; wounded (leg) January 1916; in Goudhurst men in India photo; ex scout; address: Church Road
350Stanbridge, Alfred ClarenceCorporal - MechanicRFC/RAFHomeKilndown352enlisted: 04/02/1916; transferred to RFC: 4/3/16; brother of Sidney Robert address: Kilndown
351Stanbridge, Ernest CharlesPrivateMiddlesex Regt ; RFC/RAFKilndownenlisted: 01/09/16; RFC: 28/8/17; born: Kilndown
352Stanbridge, Sidney RobertRFC/RAFKilndown350enlisted: 19/1/18; brother of Alfred Clarence; address; Kilndown
353Stevens, Richard Carnegie Des CouxPrivateInns of Court OTCHomeWinchet Hill, Genlisted: 30/10/18; address: Winchet Hill
354Taylor, Herbert VictorPrivateWest Camp Tipperary - 6th CoLadham Cottages, Ginformation from printed absent voter's list; unable to trace further information ; address: Ladham Cottages
355Taylor, William HoraceGunnerRoyal Garrison ArtilleryWFKilndownenlisted: 19/3/16; killed WW2 - home guard; address: Kilndown
356Tester, CharlesRoyal Horse ArtilleryTrottenden Cottages, G357, 358, & Percy (d)in list of Goudhurst men in 1914; not further information traced; brother of Frederick Percy (killed)& George Victor & Jesse Tester; address: Trottenden Cottages
357Tester, George VictorPrivateNorfolk; SuffolkStoney Lane, G356, 358 & Percy (d)no other information traced; absent voters list = 1st Cambridge; brother of Frederick Percy (Killed); Jesse & Charles William Tester; address: Stoney Lane
358Tester, JesseDriverRoyal Field ArtilleryHomeTrottenden Cottages, G356, 357 & Percy (d)attested: 22/2/16; mobilised: 17/4/16; discharged: 10/7/16 (medical grounds); brother of Frederick Percy (killed) & Charles William & George Victor Tester; address: Trottenden Cottages
359Tolhurst, AlbertGunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryWF?WBell Farm Cottages, G361enlisted: 12/3/17; wounded; brother of George Tolhurst; address: Bell Farm Cottages
360Tolhurst, Frederick LeslieGuardsmanGrenadier GuardsWPopes Row, K362enlisted: 13/3/15; wounds; 1917: newspaper report: wounded in left shoulder -bursting bullet; 9 months in hospital in Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle; brother of William Tolhurst; address: Popes Cottages, Kilndown
361Tolhurst, GeorgeLance CorporalRoyal West Kent - 7th; Labour CorpsBell Farm Cottages, G359enlisted: 12/1/16; brother of Albert Tolhurst; address: Bell Farm Cottages
362Tolhurst, William RobertGunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryWFWPopes Row, K360attested: 2/12/15; mobilised: 6/11/16; discharged: 19/6/18; wounded: 1917; Silver War Badge; brother of : Frederick Leslie Tolhurst;
363Tuff, Ernest ChristopherPrivateRoyal Garrison ArtilleryBrandfold Cottages, Genlisted: 5/6/16; Silver War Badge 1919 (sickness); address: Brandfold
364Underdown, IsaacPrivateEast Kent; RoyalWFLittle Horden, Genlisted: 17/7/16; address: Little Horden
365Usherwood, William CharlesPetty OfficerRNStanden's Cottages, Genlisted: 19/8/1905; address: Standen Cottages
366Veness, JohnDriverRoyal Field ArtilleryIndia/BasraKilndownattested: 11/12/15; mobilised: 16/3/16; address: Kilndown
367Waghorn, Albert Edward JohnAble SeamanRNKilndownThomas Ernest (d)enlisted: 02/04/1915; brother of Thomas Ernest Waghorne(killed); address: Kilndown
368Waghorn, William Charles (aka Richardson)PrivateEast Surrey RegtMSTThe Retreat, Trottenden, Genlisted: 01/06/16; refused exemption by Military Service Tribunal May 1916; family also known as Richardson; address: The Retreat, Trottenden
369Waghorn, William FrederickPrivateRoyal FusiliersWFMSTLidwells Lane, Gattested: 2/12/15; mobilised: 26/6/16; discharged: 9/5/17 (medical grounds); refused exemption by Military Service Tribunal May 1916; Silver War Badge; address: Lidwells Lane
370Wakeling, GeorgePrivateCanadian E FClay Hill, Gjoined: 8/4/1915; foster son of Isaac and Ann Kemp who emigrated to Canada; in Goudhurst in 1916 the year Mrs Kemp died.
371Wallace, WilliamPrivateNorth Lancs - 15thRose Cottage, North Road, Ginformation from printed absent voter's list; unable to trace further information; address: Rose Cottage, North Road
372Wardley, HenryColour SergeantRoyal Marine Light InfantryClay Hill Mount, Genlisted: 12/12/1884; by 1911 was an army pensioner; address: Clay Hill Mount,
373Waters, OswaldPrivateBuffs - 2/5th; 29th London RegimentNorth Road, Genlisted: 30/11/14; in Rifle Volunteers 1905 -1908; address: North Road
374Waters, William George Thomas (aka Walters)DriverArmy Service CorpsWF?enlisted: 21/12/14; discharged: 28/6/16 (sickness) (served as William Walters); previous service records 1900 exist; Killed WW2 - Home Guard
375Watkins, GordonPrivateBlack WatchHomeVine House, Kenlisted: 27/11/14; discharged: 11/12/14 (medically unfit); re-enlisted: c. April 1915 (newspaper report); address: Vine House, Kilndown
376Weatherley, Ernest JamesPrivateArmy Service Corps ; Royal FusiliersWFLidwells Lane, Genlisted: c. April 1915; address: Lidwells Lane
377Webb, WilliamPrivateBuffs; 1st London RegtMST, POWBeresford Road, Genlisted: 16/05/1917; POW; three appearances before military service tribunal in 1916 - given exemption until 31/3/1917; address: 8 Beresford Road
378Weeks, William Arthur EdwardPrivate1st Suffolk RegtHomeThe Fostal, Genlisted: 08/01/1916; address: the Forstal
379Wells, Edward SamuelPrivateMiddlesex Regiment - 32ndHomeLady Oak Lane,Genlisted: 9/11/14; address: Lady Oak Lane
380West, FrankPrivateArmy Service Corps - Motor TransportWFBrown House, Kenlisted: 16/02/15; loss of eye : discharged: 26/9/17; address: Brown House, Kilndown
381West, George [Richard]GunnerRoyal Horse ArtillerySmugley, Genlisted: 10/3/02; discharged to reserve: 9/3/14; presume recalled in 1914, but unable to confirm; In India 1904 -1909; address: Smugley Farm
382Whittle, BertramPrivateRoyal Engineers; RFAWest Road, Gattested: 11/12/15; mobilised: 12/4/16; address: West Road
383Wickham, Benjamin ErnestPrivateTank CorpsCurtisden Green, Gno further information; address: Curtisden
384Wickham, John NoakesPrivateBuffs - 1/5thAsiaticMount Pleasant, GThomas Hugh (d)enlisted: 1914; in photo of Goudhurst Men in India; brother of Thomas Hugh Wickham (killed); address: Mount Pleasant
385Wilson, SpencerPrivateBuffsForge Farm, KFrederick Geoge (d)serving with this regiment in 1911 in Canterbury - re census - no further information traced; brother of Frederick George Wilson, (Killed); address; Forge Farm
386Wood, David YoulPrivateDragoon Guards - 6thWGoudhurstenlisted: pre 1911; noted as wounded in January 1918 parish magazine; 1911 with regiment in Mauritius; son in law of George Coventry - gardener at the Ladies College
387Worsley, Frank EdwardPrivateBuffs - 1/5thAsiaticSouth View Terrace, Genlisted: c. 1914; pneumonia 1917; in photo of Goudhurst Men in India; address: South View Terrace