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Section No.Memorial NumberSurname First Name(s)DiedAgeBuriedMemorialComments
11DobellMartha Maria29 November 1868594 December 1868Headstone
11DobellJames 29 January 1892853 February 1892Headstone
12RobertsRichard16 October 1902
8521 October 1902
12RobertsJane4 April 1909
757 April 1909
13LockGeorge18 May 18756922 May 1875Headstone
13LockSusanna15 January 18857919 January 1885Headstone
14FordSamuel5 June 18668912 June 1866Headstone
14FordAnn14 June 18676818 June 1867
14FordMartha28 (April) September 1863393 May 1863MI shows date of death 28 September 1863 aged 39. Headstone is partially legible and looks like Sept 28th. Date of burial on register is in correct order but age is shown as 40. DOB 17 June 1823 so age 39 would be correct for May burial suggesting death was 28 April 1863.
15GibbsWilliam4 September 1778728 September 1778Headstone
15GibbsMargaret5 June 17645611 June 1764Headstone
16GibbsAnna4 June 1791769 June 1791Headstone
17BoldingLouisa3 March 18645311 March 1864Headstone
17BoldingGeorge Frederick27 January 1884741 February 1884Headstone
18MercerAnn2 November 18089 weeks27 October 1808HeadstoneMI shows date of death 2 November 1808 and 9 weeks old. Headstone is partially legible and looks like 2nd November. Burial record is in order. Was baptised 23 October 1808. Age at death suggests death was between 23 October 1808 and 27 October 1808.
18MercerThomas15 March 18401421 March 1840Headstone
19MercerThomas3 July 1856668 July 1856Headstone
19MercerAnn20 January 18687928 January 1868Headstone
110DoustJohn20 March 18756729 March 1875Headstone
110DoustJane9 April 18834216 April 1883HeadstoneBurial register shows age 37. Headstone shows 41. DOB 18 October 1840.
110DoustFanny Elizabeth Kate17 November 18884124 November 1888Burial register shows name as Katherine Elizabeth Doust.
110DoustJane20 March 18898527 March 1889
111RussellJohn15 May 17842921 May 1784Headstone
112RussellSusanna17 January 17896724 January 1789Headstone
112RussellNevya11 February 17957616 February 1795Headstone
113RussellMary13 January 17637520 January 1763Headstone
113RussellNevia6 February 17788914 February 1778HeadstoneBurial register shows Nevya.
114RussellThomas8 November 17637414 November 1763Headstone
115RussellLucya9 August 1712HeadstoneLucia Rawlings was baptised 9 August 1668. Lucy Rawly married Thomas Russell 30 May 1687.
116RussellThomas16 March 1736/7FootstoneOnly shows TR - 1736
117StylesAnn30 August 1848483 September 1848HeadstoneAlso 4 sons and 1 daughter of Henry and Ann. No other detail. Burial register shows Ann Stiles. No record of Henry Styles burial in Goudhurst.
117StylesJane Elizabeth18 September 18726422 September 1872Headstone
117StylesHenry1 December 188585Memorial only.
118ChalklinElizabeth3 July 1707217 July 1707Headstone
119ChallkinHenry31 January 1709666 February 1709/10Headstone
119ChallkinAnn7 February 17096411 February 1708/9
120HobbsSarah10 May 18606417 May 1860HeadstoneAlso 3 sons; Thomas, John and Joseph
120HobbsThomas25 October 18717731 October 1871Headstone
121CoaleThomas14 January 17037817 January 1703/4Headstone
121CoaleElizabeth21 December 17027025 December 1702Headstone
122NyeMary19 July 18787722 July 1878Headstone
122NyeJohn2 April 1883796 April 1883Headstone
122NyeMary AnnJune 18441112 June 1844HeadstoneNo day of death given.
122NyeWalter John28 January 1851134 February 1851Headstone
123ThorpeAnn24 April 17278929 April 1727Altar
123ThorpJohn15 February 17287117 February 1728/9Altar
124Thorp Richard1 April 1689AltarBurial Register shows surname Tharp
124ThorpElizabeth483 October 1681AltarBurial Register shows surname Tharpe
125ThorpeRichard20 April 17124824 April 1712Altar
125ThorpeRichard16 November 17122623 November 1712Altar
126StandenRichard23 March 17664228 March 1766HeadstoneAlso their daughter Jane and son Francis who died in infancy. Burial register = Richard Standing.
126StandenJane13 December 18078517 December 1807Headstone
127WelchHugh21 September 18065423 September 1806Headstone
127WelchSusanna18 December 18277024 December 1827Headstone
128StandenElizabeth18 December 18055527 December 1805Headstone
129JarvisJames24 December 178738Memorial only.HeadstoneBuried in Calcutta, Bengal, India 27 December 1787
129JarvisJaneMay 179236HeadstoneDied in Bengkulu (formerly Bencoolen) during passage home to England.
129StandenFrancis19 January 17892726 January 1789HeadstoneBurial register = Francis Standing
130LambertJarvis4 January 18446812 January 1844Headstone
130LambertEaley14 February 18477020 February 1847Headstone
131LambertJarvis13 November 18167222 November 1816Headstone
131LambertElizabeth5 October 17703510 October 1770Headstone
131LambertSarah27 February 1827806 March 1827Headstone
132CopperMargaret14 July 169150+18 July 1691HeadstoneBurial register shows Margaret Cooper.
133ButcherJohn15 June 17683916 June 1768Headstone
134StandenThomas29 December 1681582 January 1682HeadstonePossible footstone
135StandenLouisa14 November 18413222 November 1841HeadstonePossible footstone
136BakerAlexander23 September 18317530 September 1831Headstone
136BakerSarah13 February 18307218 February 1830Headstone
136BakerAlexander11 February 18132017 February 1813Headstone
136BakerAnn30 July 1816203 August 1816Headstone
137WorsleyElizabeth30 October 1732726 November 1732Headstone
137WorsleyGeorge12 December 17387418 December 1738Headstone
138BarberJohn22 July 17144225 July 1714Headstone
139RoadeEdwardMay 16317 May 1631Altar
140HaywardEliza4 April 186411years 8 months9 April 1864Headstone
140HaywardAnn-Elizabeth13 April 186423years 7 months19 April 1864Headstone
141WaterhouseAlice28 June 1787461 July 1787HeadstoneAlso 3 children.
141WaterhouseThomas26 December 18047930 December 1804Headstone
142BakerAnn13 June 18075319 June 1807Headstone
142BakerJames6 March 18409112 March 1840Headstone
142Vousden (nee Baker)Ann5 November 18132712 November 1813Headstone
142BakerElizabeth29 December 1814196 January 1815Headstone
142BakerThomas13 July 18263318 July 1826Headstone
143VousdenGeorge23 January 18425230 January 1842Headstone
143VousdenSusan10 March 18365921 March 1836Headstone
143VousdenWinifred28 September 1844522 October 1844Headstone
143VousdenRobert10 July 18322115 July 1832Headstone
144MorrisThomas25 July 1771721 August 1771Headstone
145BirchHarriet18 May 18673524 May 1867Headstone
146UnknownUnknownNo legible inscription
147UnknownUnknownNo legible inscription
149CaveyFrances17 July 18636220 July 1863HeadstoneBurial register shows Fanny Cavey
148LatterJohn26 April 1750251 May 1750HeadstoneMI shows date of death as 26 September 1750. However, burial record is in order (in May) on transcript so appears correct. Therefore, death date was probably 26 April 1750.
149CaveyJoseph30 December 1874754 January 1875Headstone
150SimsBarbaryNo memorial survives. Only showed BS - 1728; Footstone belonged to no. 57 in section 2.
151UnknownUnknownFootstoneNo memorial survives;Only showed MH.
152UnknownUnknownFootstoneNo memorial survives;Only showed RS
253BathurstDorothy3 March 17947810 March 1794Headstone
254BathurstDorothy10 December 18379416 December 1837Headstone
255RaikesFrieda Sigrid3 December 1918
327 December 1918
256SimsBarbara2 July 1808817 July 1808Headstone
257SimsBarbara12 August 172817 August 1728HeadstoneFootstone no longer visible. (see Section 1 no.50)
258SimsZachariah6 March 17778121 March 1777Headstone
258SimsAnn8 July 17423014 April 1743 HeadstoneHeadstone is illegible. Date of burial appears correct. Cannot confirm date of death although July 1742 seems unlikely.
258SimsAnn8 January 1789568 January 1789Headstone
259WeldonSusan13 March 172884?10 May 1728Headstone & footstoneAge at death cannot be confirmed
260WeldonElizabeth28 January 1679773 February 1679Altar
260WeldonThomas18 October 16827821 October 1682Altar
260ComdenWilliamUnknownAltarCannot establish date of death ; Possibly 1614
260ComdenAliceUnknownAltarCannot establish date of death ; Possibly 1617
261SmitheAnn6 January 18557611 January 1885Headstone
262AlpheJohn31 August 1669884 August 1669AltarMI shows date of death 31 August 1669. Burial record is in correct order suggesting death was perhaps 1 August 1669.
262StringerStephen17 July 16705721 July 1669Altar
263StringerEdward12 November 16806319 November 1680Altar
264StringerThomas20 December 169980/89?27 December 1699AltarAge uncertain. Unable to confirm DOB.
265BurgessLouisa19 February 18431 year 8 months25 February 1843Headstone
265BurgessCharles2 January 1859167 January 1859Headstone
266BurgessAnne30 November 1866664 December 1866Headstone
266BurgessGeorge29 September 1866262 October 1866Headstone
266BurgessWilliam4 February 1893898 February 1893Headstone
267UnknownUnknownFlat StoneNo inscription visible
268UnknownUnknownFlat StoneNo inscription visible
269AppsJohn11 March 18004615 March 1800Headstone
269AppsHannah3 September 18044217 September 1804HeadstoneHannah Dove buried 17 September 1804. same age. Hannah Apps, widow of John Apps, married Thomas Dove in 1801.
270AppsMary29 October 1815733 November 1815Headstone
270AppsThomas12 December 18237519 December 1823Headstone
271BridglandJames15 March 17936019 March 1793Headstone & footstoneMI shows James Briselden.
272BridglandSamuel28 January 1717654 February 1717Headstone
272BridglandElizabeth6 July 1726739 July 1726HeadstoneMI shows year of death 1728. Burial record is in order for 1726.
273BridglandElizabeth31 January 1754716 February 1754Headstone
274SmithThermuthis Ashe27 February 18645 March 1864Cross
274SmithHaskett7 October 18958311 October 1895Cross
274SmithAnne Haskett6 September 1893749 September 1893Cross
274SmithAlgernon Haskett21 November 18873126 November 1887Cross
275JohnsonGeorge1 February 1815706 February 1815Headstone
275JohnsonAnne Elizabeth10 March 18479018 March 1847Headstone
276JohnsonGeorge6 April 18506512 April 1850Headstone
276JohnsonMercy19 July 18596225 July 1859Headstone
277WatersJohn19 September 18476424 September 1847HeadstoneMonument erected by E Hussey, Scotney.
277WatersPhoebe1 April 1856728 April 1856Headstone
278FreelandHarry Ernest15 January 18709 months24 January 1870Headstone
279HarrisRichard29 December 1811503 January 1812No memorial survives.
279HarrisAnna25 February 1821641 March 1821MI shows first name as Hannah. Richard Harris married Anna West 1781 Baptised 1757.
280Harris Ann3 February 1856668 February 1856Headstone
280HarrisRichard2 January 1865799 January 1865Headstone
281WestDaniel16 April 18477424 April 1847Altar
281WestMary Ann15 January 18506922 January 1850Altar
282BishopHarriott23 September 18494226 September 1849No memorial survives
282BishopWiliam27 June 1836621 July 1836
282BishopMary18 October 18497320 October 1849
282BishopGeorge11 July 1836221 August 1836
283WebbStephen5 February 17336711 February 1733/4No memorial survives
284KingsmellMary16 June 17194419 June 1719This is probably Mary Breeches who married Robert Kingsmell in 1696.
285MathewsStephen30 March 1813655 April 1813HeadstoneMI shows date of death as 1818. Burial record is in correct order.
285MathewsAnn28 May 1836766 June 1836Headstone
286GatlandThomas20 April 17107525 April 1710Headstone
286GatlandDeborah9 August 17288114 August 1728Headstone
287PooleyBarbary16 March 18226322 March 1822Headstone
287PooleyThomas12 March 18327919 March 1832Headstone
288PooleyJohn28 July 1808621 August 1808Headstone
289HaywardSamuel15 April 18167622 April 1816Headstone
289HaywardMary12 February 18307919 February 1830Headstone
290FreelandStephana7 May 18634913 May 1863Headstone
290FreelandJohn20 February 18494 years 7 months27 February 1849Headstone
290FreelandEliza9 July 18511616 July 1851Headstone
290FreelandGeorge2 December 1879709 December 1879Headstone
291HaywardJames16 March 18425820 March 1842HeadstoneTheir children Henry & Mary died in infancy.
291HaywardSophia17 August 18556419 August 1855Headstone
292CrouchHannah6 July 17924111 July 1792Headstone
292CrouchJohn1 July 1818728 July 1818HeadstoneMI shows John Crouch died 15 July 1818 (before burial date). Checked headstone and it could be 1 July 1818.
293CrouchElizabeth17 August 17542922 August 1754Headstone
294WillettJohn20 July 18573625 July 1857HeadstoneMI shows date of death 1856 but was 1857.
294WillettJohn29 January 1871853 February 1871Headstone
294WillettHarriett5 March 18739014 March 1873Headstone
295BakerSarah27 November 181639UnknownHeadstoneMemorial illegible. Cannot trace burial record.
296ChantlerMary Ann4 December 18453310 December 1845Headstone
296ChantlerFrances25 March 18591830 March 1859Headstone
297StanbridgeStephen9 November 18526129 November 1852Headstone
298StanbridgeThomas8 September 18045711 September 1804Partial memorial survives
298StanbridgeMary16 April 18227824 April 1822Partial memorial survives
299StanbridgeJohn24 August 17831627 August 1783Partial memorial survives
299StanbridgeThomas7 June 17992021 July 1799Partial memorial survives
299StanbridgeEleanor14 January 18051919 January 1805Partial memorial survives
299StanbridgeBenjamin13 December 1804317 December 1804Partial memorial survives
2100WaghornAnn1 or 12? February 1763/5?53 or559 February 1764This is probbaly Ann Waggon buried 1764. Ann was wife of Samuel Waghorn who remarried in 1765 (Mary Waymark)
3101ChantlerHannah6 April 18025212 April 1802HeadstoneBurial transcript shows surname Chandler.
3101ChantlerThomas21 March 18368726 March 1836
3101ChantlerThomas5 April 18426811 April 1842
3101ChantlerThomas29 January 18404 months6 February 1840
3102DoustJoseph16 November 18527819 November 1852Headstone
3102DoustMary29 November 1840644 December 1840Headstone
3103StanbridgeGeorge5 March 18365812 March 1836Headstone
3104DoustSusanna19 February 185210 months26 February 1852Headstone
3105DoustWalter30 April 18541 yr 10 months6 May 1854Headstone
3106WickhamHumphrey31 January 1827805 February 1827Headstone
3107WestonMary25 April 1835412 May 1835No memorial survives. Cannot confirm position of grave.
3106WickhamMary6 September 1835858 September 1835HeadstoneMI reads date of death 6 January 1835. Burial register transcript is in correct order. Headstone is now illegible.
3107WestonRichard13 months16 October 1832
3107WestonSally11 months25 March 1835
3108OsborneStephen12 July 18468216 July 1846No memorial survives. Cannot confirm position of grave.
3108OsborneMary12 January 18568521 January 1856
3109WestonFrances21 January 18573331 January 1857No memorial survives. Cannot confirm position of grave.
3110DruryElizabeth28 May 1817692 June 1817HeadstoneHeadstone has fallen but is partly legible.
3110DruryEdward18 March 18206224 March 1820HeadstoneHeadstone has fallen but is partly legible.
3111ChantlerEdward29 March 1794714 April 1794Headstone
3111ChantlerMary13/15th February 17856018 February 1785HeadstoneBurial transcript shows Elizabeth Chantler buried 18 February 1785. This matches Mary so assume transcript is incorrect. Cannot confirm date of death.
3112FarleyPhiladelphia19 December 18707722 December 1870Headstone
3113MorrisMary27 December 1756473 January 1757Headstone
3114BrookerDavid1 January 1836863 January 1836Headstone
3114BrookerElizabeth3 September 18297212 September 1829Headstone
3114BrookerElizabeth10 August 17911617 August 1791Headstone
3115StandenWilliam8 September 18468612 September 1846Headstone
3115StandenSarah24 December 18317431 December 1831Headstone
3116StandenWilliam3 January 1808748 January 1808Headstone
3116StandenSarah16 May 18168321 May 1816Headstone
3117StandenStephen25 January 1794303 February 1794Headstone
3118SmithWilliam1 February 1808276 February 1808Headstone
3119StoakesAnn31 March 1858295 April 1858Headstone
3120PeirceHelen21 April 179825 April 1798HeadstoneBurial register transcripts shows Pearce.
3120PeirceCharles16 November 18332424 November 1833HeadstoneBurial register transcripts shows Pearce.
3120PeirceWilliam12 September 18437417 September 1843HeadstoneBurial register transcripts shows Pearce.
3120PeirceLucy19 December 18507630 December 1850HeadstoneBurial register transcripts shows Pearce.
3121LansdellJames23 December 18268528 December 1826Headstone
3121LansdellJane17 April 18176324 April 1817HeadstoneMI shows age 63 but Burial transcript shows age 65.
3122LansdellMary29 October 179010 yrs 3 months3 November 1790Headstone
3123LansdellJames2 May 1846707 May 1846HeadstoneBurial transcript shows age 69
3123LansdellAnn27 February 1849754 March 1849HeadstoneBurial transcript shows age 74
3124MartinEdward9 November 1795813 November 1795Headstone
3124MartinAbigail30 October 179586 November 1795Headstone
3124MartinThomas25 June17928 weeks27 June 1792Headstone
3124MartinDavid9 November 1795313 November 1795Headstone
3124MartinGeorge14 November 17951020 November 1795Headstone
3125OnionsJesse10 May 18623217 May 1862HeadstoneMI shows age 30 and surname Onion, but was baptised James Onions 6 June 1830 showing birth 3 May 1830.
3125OnionsElizabeth21 May 1913
8224 May 1913
3352UsherwoodSarah13 June 18196217 June 1819HeadstoneHeadstone has fallen so grave position cannot be confirmed.
3352UsherwoodThomas25 April 1826761 May 1826Headstone
3353ForwoodWilliam30 October 1704514 November 1704HeadstoneMI shows death 1734. Burial is correct. Fallen stone illegible but is probably Forwood
3354CollisonWilliam15 October 17975318 October 1797Headstone
3354CollisonMary1 October 1804664 October 1804HeadstoneMI shows date of death 1801 aged 60. Burial transcript is correct. Headstone illegible.
3355CollisonDaniel2 December 1740676 December 1740TombNo inscription visible; MI shows date of death February. Probably should be September as burial transcript is in correct order..
3355CollisonMary12 February 17497319 February 1749Tomb
3355CollisonCatherine5 February 17291110 September 1729Tomb
3356RowlesWilliam12 April 18245818 April 1824Headstone
3357RowlesWalter30 August 1794565 September 1794HeadstoneBurial register transcript shows surname as Rolls.
3357RowlesAlice11 August 1790492 August 1790Headstone
3357RowlesBarbara27 June 178421 July 1784Headstone
3358BakerAnn17 February 17872224 February 1787Headstone
3359BakerThomas4 June 17891711 June 1789Headstone
3360BakerRobert13 November 17892120 November 1789Headstone
3361BakerJohn30 March 1803713 April 1803Headstone
3361BakerMary23 April 18098130 April 1809Headstone
3362ChildWilliam27 May 1795262 June 1795MI shows surname Childer for both. Shows date of death for William as 1792. Burial transcript is correct. No memorial survives
3362ChildAnn18 January 17932725 January 1793
3363StandenHarriet5 August 18665210 August 1866Headstone
3364HonessAlfred8 September 18903110 September 1890Headstone
3365HonessWilliam21 November 18136925 November 1813HeadstoneMI shows date of death in December. Burial transcript is correct.
3365HonessAnn24 January 17984727 January 1798Burial transcript shows surname Honis.
3366HonessCharlotte19 September 18507026 September 1850Headstone
3366HonessThomas22 May 18517727 May 1851Headstone
3367HolbrookElizabeth15 December 18437521 December 1843Headstone
3368HonessThomas1 January 1897815 January 1897Headstone
3368HonessMary18 July 1906
7321 July 1906
3369CollisonDaniel15 July 18118217 July 1811Headstone
3369CollisonAnn25 December 1815811 January 1816HeadstoneMI shows year of death 1816. Will proved July 1816 so death was 1815.
3370DavisMercy21 May 17967525 May 1796Headstone
3477RuddockSamuel Dent19 July 18027024 February 1802This is listed at 371 and 477 in Mis.
3478RuddockThomas Dent28 July 1803421 August 1803This is listed in extra section of Mis where position was uncertain.
3372TwortWilliam11 June 17775119 June 1777AltarNo inscription.
3373ConstableSarah9 December 18357916 December 1835Headstone
3374UsherwoodRhoda22 January 18382731 January 1838HeadstoneMI shows death on 2 January, but headstone shows 22 January. Burial transcription shows surname Underwood.
3375UsherwoodWilliam30 October 1867816 November 1867No memorial survives
3UsherwoodMary20 May 18677731 May 1867No memorial survives
3376ClouttMary Harriet Lucy1 September 186518 yrs 8 months9 September 1865Headstone
3376ClouttMarth10 May 18675515 May 1867Headstone
3376ClouttEliza Martha15 November 187022UnknownHeadstoneMI shows year of death 1876. No trace in burial transcript. Eliza Martha Cloutte is listed in death registration for Tonbridge District as died 15 November 1870. No burial record anywhere.
3377FreelandStephen Henry16 October 18573023 October 1857HeadstoneBurial register transcript shows age 29.
3378WaghornWilliam5 June 1821578 June 1821HeadstoneHeadstone illegible.
3379BrattleThomas21 March 17467221 March 1746Headstone
3379BrattleElizabeth25 December 175379UnknownHeadstonePossibly Mary Brattle buried 28 December 1752? Headstone illegible.
3379BrattleThomasOctober 17727721 October 1772HeadstoneWill was written 6 October 1772. MI shows year of death 1773.
3380BrightridgeJames23 December 172530 December 1725Headstone
3381CutbushCharles13 November 18393417 November 1839HeadstoneMI shows age 36. Baptism record shows DOB 13 June 1805; No memorial survives.
4382LewinHarriet16 July 18265422 July 1826HeadstoneMI shows age 34. Burial transcript is correct at 54.
4382LewinHarriet27 April 1838373 May 1838Headstone
4383WelshMary Ann13 December 18676519 December 1867Headstone
4384LargeLydia2 March 18623 yrs 6 months8 March 1862Headstone
4385CharyWilliam12 May 1686Headstone
4386CoveneySusanna14 February 17766120 February 1776Headstone
4386CoveneyAmbrose6 January 17947711 January 1794Headstone
4387HonessAnn10 February 18735217 February 1873HeadstoneMI shows age at death as 81. DOB was 26 November 1822.
4387HonessCharles28 April 1903
802 May 1903
4388HumphryJohn10 March 17578818 March 1757HeadstoneMI shows surname as Humpris.
4389VousdenJames21 March 18241929 March 1824Headstone
4389VousdenSamuel9 April 18306616 April 1830Headstone
4389VousdenMary1 October 1833685 October 1833HeadstoneMI shows age at death 66. Baptised (Mary Baker) in Goudhurst 12 May 1765.
4390VousdenMartha19 January 17872523 January 1787Headstone
4391VousdenJohn29 November 1833297 December 1833Headstone
4392VousdenWilliam27 December 18623423 December 1862HeadstoneBurial transcription is in date order and age is given as 33. But headstone definitely shows date of death 27 December 1862 aged 34 years. DOB 10 September 1828.
4393VousdenWilliam14 November 18034716 November 1803Headstone
4393VousdenAnn1 March 1848759 March 1848Headstone
4394PopePeter7 August 18192511 August 1819Headstone
4394PopeHarriet10 January 18212522 January 1821Headstone
4395FullerRobert19 November 167816 November 1678HeadstoneKnown as "The Pirate's Grave". Date of death shown on MI cannot be confirmed.
4396GatesJames30 May 180556Headstone
4396GatesDorothy January 18398730 January 1839Headstone
4397WilliamsJohn23 August 18212yrs 9 months29 August 1821Headstone
4397WilliamsJohn7 April 18316yrs 9 months12 April 1831Headstone
4396GatesMary?? 1839HeadstoneCannot confirm details. No record on burial register transcript.
4398WilliamsGeorge3 February 18202410 February 1820Headstone
4399WilliamsJudith3 September 1872797 September 1872Headstone
4399WilliamsWilliam29 June 1860724 July 1860Headstone
4400WilliamsElizabeth2 July 1881596 July 1881Headstone
4401WilliamsSusanna18 July 18064724 July 1806Headstone
4401WilliamsJohn12 March 18267817 March 1826Headstone
4402ManwaringCharles10 April 17951817 April 1795Headstone
4403ManwaringJohn30 March 1772814 April 1772Headstone
4404ManwaringWilliam24 February 17648029 February 1764Headstone
4405ManwaringMary17 February 17633722 February 1763Headstone
4405ManwaringWilliam14 June 18058219 June 1805Headstone
4406ManwaringElizabeth7 December 17834312 December 1783Headstone
4407VousdenThomas21 March 17874524 March 1787Headstone
4407ManwaringSarah16 June 18238320 June 1823HeadstoneFormerly Vousden. MI shows year of death 1826. Burial transcript is correct.
4408KnightThomas20 April 1854667 May 1854Headstone
4408KnightJemima13 November 18677917 November 1867Headstone
4409KnightAnn22 May 184435No burial record exists. Was born Ann Vousden before parents married.
4409HardingAmelia17 May 18281121 May 1828HeadstoneHeadstone illegible. MI shows Emila Harden and burial transcript shows Amelia Harding.
4410ManwaringThomas Williams11 October 18688217 October 1868Headstone
4410ManwaringElizabeth20 November 18778824 November 1877Headstone
4411StandenDavid11 May 18726016 May 1872Headstone
4411StandenElizabeth7 May 1900
9210 May 1900
4412ScoonesRichard30 April 1870735 May 1870Headstone
4412ScoonesMary14 August 18706519 August 1870Headstone
4413RobertsWilliam4 September 18734911 September 1873No memorial survives
4414BluntHenry30 May 1874795 June 1874No memorial survives
4414BluntAnn29 June 1877745 July 1877No memorial survives
4415MartinThomas4 July 1801718 July 1801Altar in railsMemorial buried under a bush.
4416GroombridgeStephen28 November 1785675 December 1785Headstone
4416GroombridgeMary28 October 1785651 November 1785Headstone
4416GroombridgeElizabeth18 October 17907522 October 1790Headstone
4417GroombridgeMary1 April 1793676 April 1793Headstone
4417GroombridgeThomas6 March 17977613 March 1797Headstone
4418GroombridgeJohn16 October 17274220 October 1727Headstone
4418GroombridgeElizabeth29 March 1736513 April 1736Headstone
4419EvendenMary Jane4 January 1874469 January 1874HeadstoneBurial register transcript shows age as 53. Census shows age 44 in 1871.
4419EvendenThomas Charles8 December 18777213 December 1877HeadstoneCensus shows age 57 in 1871
4420OngleyThomas7 July 18016010 July 1801Headstone
4421OngleyJohn21 August 17697228 August 1769Headstone
4422OngleyThomas19 June 17032024 June 1703Headstone
4422OngleyMargaret12 December 17263517 December 1726Headstone
4423OngleyCatherine1 April 1757718 April 1757Headstone
4424OngleyThomas10 June 17176914 June 1717Headstone
4424OngleyMargaret16 May 17417922 May 1741Headstone
4425OngleyNicholas17 October 17415922 October 1741Headstone
4425OngleyAnn7 March 17424914 March 1742Headstone
4426AllenElizabeth3 February 17902310 February 1790HeadstoneHeadstone illegible. Burial transcript shows Eliz. Allen buried 10 February 1790. Cannot trace Eliz. Or Edward Allen but verse suggests it is a female.
4427AllenElizabeth10 May 179315 May 1793HeadstoneNo age given. Headstone illegible.
4428JempsonAlfred25 February 18392127 February 1839Headstone
4429GulliverMary Ann4 December 18516411 December 1851Headstone
4429GulliverJohn29 September 1863736 October 1863Headstone
4430ScoonesFrances4 July 18346210 July 1834Headstone
4431JenningsHerbert6 March 18685610 March 1868Headstone
5432OakelSamuel1 January 1690HeadstoneHeadstone illegible. Only information is on MI. Date of death December 1689 and male. Burial register gives 2 possible entries that fit - Alexander Lyndridge and Samuel Oakel.
5432LyndridgeAlexander3 December 1689HeadstoneHeadstone illegible. Only information is on MI. Date of death December 1689 and male. Burial register gives 2 possible entries that fit - Alexander Lyndridge and Samuel Oakel.
433OngleyEdward7 November 17358213 November 1735Headstone
5434OngleyElizabeth22 May 17606119 May 1760Headstone
5434OngleyEdward8 February 17627313 February 1762Headstone
434OngleyMargaret8 April 17632313 April 1763HeadstoneMI shows year of death 1765. Burial register is correct.
5435OngleyEdward9 January 18036915 January 1803Headstone
5435OngleyFrances29 September 1814656 October 1814Headstone
436ScoonesRichard24 April 1837651 May 1837Headstone
5436ScoonesMary22 December 18547729 December 1854Headstone
5437ScoonesMary1 November 1850199 November 1850Headstone
438GodfreyHenrietta26 February 1870835 March 1870Headstone
5438GodfreyWilliam21 November 18442929 November 1844Headstone
5438GodfreyWilliam31 January 184936 February 1849Headstone
439GodfreyHenrietta6 March 18673015 March 1867HeadstoneMI shows age 31 but 30 is correct.
5439CutbushHannah14 May 18632924 May 1863Headstone
5440PenfoldJohn9 July 18768116 July 1876Headstone
440PenfoldRichard6 April 18825711 April 1882Headstone
5441PenfoldElizabeth20 September 18838523 September 1883Headstone
5441DavyeMercy27 January 1872692 February 1872Headstone
442PenfoldMary19 December 18737323 December 1873Headstone
5442PenfoldMary Ann14 July 18657221 July 1865Headstone
5442PenfoldWilliam26 February 1874823 March 1874Headstone
443MillerFanny8 June 18466615 June 1846Headstone
5443MillerThomas16 October 18658420 October 1865Headstone
5444FordhamAlbert27 May 1873272 June 1873No memorial survives.
445SattinMary23 July 18037227 July 1803HeadstoneBurial register transcript shows surname Satten.
5446SundialSundial on stone plinthSundial dated 1801 showing names of Humphrey Wickham and Hugh Welch, Churchwardens.
5447MonkhouseFrancis Wellesley21 June 18711124 June 1871No memorial survives.
448WoollvenAnn11 December 183118 months18 December 1831Headstone
5449WoollvenMary27 November 1824254 December 1824Headstone
5449WoollvenWilliam6 May 18273213 May 1827Headstone
449WoollvenRichard31 May 18252 yrs 7 months4 June 1825Headstone
5449WoollvenWilliam15 August 18482920 August 1848Headstone
5450RaynerWilliam26 April 1852183 May 1852Headstone
451WoollvenHenry1 May 18284 yrs 2 months7 May 1828Headstone
5451WoollvenWilliam15 June 18502421 June 1850HeadstoneMI shows month of death January. June is correct.
5451WoollvenSarah29 April 1858715 May 1858Headstone
451WoollvenCharles29 March 18667831 March 1866Headstone
5452ClarkeStewart Algernon13 October 1915
34Kerb Name only - WW1 casualties on Loos memorial.
452ClarkeSeaforth St John26 March 1918
19Kerb Name only - WW1 casualtiesDuisans British Cemetery..
5452ClarkeBasil Edward24 April 1915
42Kerb Name only - WW1 casualties Ypres (Menin Gate) memorial.
5453ClarkeJames Sanderson19 May 1911
9023 May 1911
Cross in kerb
5453ClarkeAnnie4 July 1921
797 July 1921
Cross in kerb
454ClarkeMabel Emily1 September 18686 months5 September 1868Cross in kerb
5455BeechingMary Ann2 February 186810 yrs 9 months10 February 1868Headstone
5455BeechingSamuel Henry (Harry)9 weeks15 March 1859Headstone
455BeechingFrederick John3 months18 March 1862Headstone
5455BeechingEdgar George10 months12 April 1866Headstone
5456BeechingSamuel23 February 1850592 March 1850Headstone
456BeechingSarah12 November 18657220 November 1865HeadstoneMi shows age 73. 72 is on headstone and burial transcript.
5456BeechingCatherine16 October 1840624 October 1840Headstone
5456BeechingMary Ann9 May 18482215 May 1848Headstone
456BeechingElizabeth14 days22 February 1830Headstone
5457DrawbridgeSamuel22 April 186664 yrs 11 months28 April 1866Headstone
5457DrawbridgeHarriett6 March 18989112 March 1898HeadstoneMI shows she is Daughter of Samuel. Headstone reads that she was his WIFE.
458WilmotBeatrice Jessica21 October 18735 months25 October 1873No memorial survives.
5459NewingtonRobert Samuel23 October 18915629 October 1891Tomb
5459NewingtonLucy Siddle12 August 1902
6815 August 1902
460NewingtonSamuel Wilmott13 July 18686718 July 1868Tomb
5460NewingtonMary7 January 18555714 January 1855Tomb
5461NewingtonSamuel Plasted22 August 18327030 August 1832Headstone
461NewingtonElizabeth5 July 18346810 July 1834Headstone
5462ThompsonJames17 May 18346622 May 1834No memorial survives.
5462ThompsonAnn28 March 1843785 April 1843No memorial survives.
463ElliottCatharine Ann21 November 1817241 December 1817HeadstoneMI shows age as 21. Headstone illegible.
5464WebbJames20 January 18278525 January 1827Tomb
5464WebbHarriet15 May 18346720 May 1834Tomb
464WebbJames22 August 18487929 August 1848Tomb
5464WhiteMary29 June 1849776 July 1849Tomb
5464HillsAnna Maria26 June 1851363 July 1851Tomb
464PopeSarah9 October 18579015 October 1857Tomb
5464WhiteRichard21 May 18649027 May 1864Tomb
5464WhiteMary25 May 1858391 June 1858Tomb
464WhiteEmily8 February 18695112 February 1869Tomb
5464HillsSarah Maria31 July 1865237 August 1865Tomb
5464HillsEllen12 September 18671818 September 1867Tomb
465BellinghamThomas29 March 1825804 April 1825Headstone
5465BellinghamMary3 September 183078HeadstoneMemorial only.
5466JonesElizabeth20 January 18358027 January 1835Headstone
466JonesJohn5 August 18488311 August 1848Headstone
5467JonesSusannah2 July 1840498 July 1840Headstone
5468PoileAnn Blinks15 September 18652819 September 1865Headstone
468PoileAnn Clemetson2 November 18652 months9 November 1865Headstone
5469ClemetsonMaria28 December 1867332 January 1868Headstone
5469ClemetsonMargaret3 months23 December 1893Headstone
470KempCharles24 November 18696430 November 1869Headstone
5470KempCharles29 April 186123 yrs 10 months4 May 1861Headstone
5470KempJohn26 February 18533 weeks 5 days5 March 1853Headstone
470KempOlivia2 March 18796810 March 1879Headstone
5471SmartThomas8 April 18371915 April 1837Flat stone
5471LewinSamuel21 June 18464629 June 1846Flat stone
471SmartAnn2 November 18462111 November 1846Flat stone
5471SmartJohn24 February 1849636 March 1849Flat stone
5471LewinSarah24 October 18756228 October 1875Flat stone Mi shows year of death 1876.
472ThompsonLucy24 January 18925830 January 1892Headstone
5473DurrantWilliam25 May 1852251 June 1852Tomb
5474SpringettFrederick William9 July 18593015 july 1859Tomb on flat stone
475SpringettRichard6 November 18698412 November 1869Tomb on flat stone
5475SpringettAnn Elizabeth9 November 18627022 November 1862Tomb on flat stone
5476SpringettMaria7 September 1900
8312 September 1900
Tomb on flat stone