The following list of 61 families is taken from a small notebook kept to record those in receipt of parish relief between 1799 and 1801. The earliest entry is for May 1799 and the latest is April 1801. However the majority of the entries were made during 1799 and 1800.

Each entry includes some or all of the following information:-

  • Name of the recipient
  • If they had a wife
  • Number of children and their ages
  • Widows are referred to as “Widow” with no first name noted
  • Age – if widowed

In addition to the above information each page records the type of relief the family received. The amount of relief each family received and for how long varies.

Examples of the type relief given are: clothes, shoes, wood, flour, corn, cash, and even hop poles.

This information has not been transcribed but is available for individual entries from the archivist via the “Contact Us” page.

Apps Widow aged 75
Axcell John 4 children
Baker Widow aged 74
Ballard Robert wife and 7 children
Barns Widow one son
Bayley William wife and 3 sons
Beale Widow aged 69
Bootes Thomas wife dead; 7 children
Booth William wife and 4 children
Bridger Henry wife and 6 children
Campany Mary aged 63
Carter William wife and 5 children
Carter Richard wife and 3 children
Catt Samuel wife and 3 children
Collins John wife and 5 children
Cook Widow aged 70
Cook Widow child of; payment to Joseph Filmer
Cook Samuel wife and 4 children
Cooper William wife and 5 children
Coppard William wife and 4 children
Cover Richard
Cramp John wife and 8 children
Double Sarah
Durrant Widow aged 76
Elliott Henry wife and 4 children
Field William wife and 4 children
Fielder Solomon aged 87
Fuller Widow aged 80
Gladwish Edmund wife and 5 children
Glover Widow aged 89; dead
Hicks Thomas wife and 4 children
Hiscock Widow aged 73
Johnson Widow aged 64; dead
Lavender Thomas wife and 4 children
Manser Thomas 2 daughters, blind
Milham Thomas wife and 6 children
Munton Henry wife and 5 children
Newble John wife and 5 children
Packham Robert wife and 4 children
Paine John wife and 4 children
Pankhurst Thomas aged 68 and wife aged 64
Playford William wife and 4 children
Poile Henry wife and 3 children
Ranger Thomas wife and 7 children
Rootes William wife and 3 children
Sargant Thomas wife and 5 children
Sheather William wife and 3 children
Stace James wife and 6 children
Stone Robert aged 90
Taylor Samuel wife and 5 children
Thompson William aged 65
Tree, junior William wife and 3 children
Tree, senior William
Wenham John wife and 6 children
Wenham Widow and daughter
Wicken Richard and   son
Wilden William wife and 3 children
Wood Widow aged 66
Worsley James wife and 3 children
Wratten John wife and 4 children
Wybourn Mark wife and 5 children