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Section No.Memorial NumberSurname First Name(s)DiedAgeBuriedMemorialComments
6151CollenesJohn4 October 1710576 October 1710HeadstoneBurial transcript gives surname Collens.
6151CollenesSarah8 November 17308714 November 1730Headstone
6151MeereThomas8 December 1668HeadstoneMemorial only. MI states buried nearby but grave positions unknown.
6151MeereElizabeth24 November 1686Headstone
6151MeereJohn8 November 1700Headstone
6151MeereGeorge6 October 1658Headstone
6152SmythAttained13 February 1666Altar (Inscription illegible) - deduced that this is Attained Smyth and his family.
6152SmythGrace19 November 1640Altar Wife of Attained Smith (Smyth)
6152SmythGraceAltar Daughter of Grace and Attained. No details known.
6152SmithJohnAltar Brother of Attained. No details known. Possibly buried 1656.
6153HoareAndrewHeadstoneNo details known. Possibly Attany, died 1734.
6153GibbAnnHeadstoneNo details known.
6154HoareRichard4 April 1732588 April 1732Headstone
6154HoareAnn23 January 17234127 January 1723Headstone
6155HoareJohn10 February 17382116 February 1738Headstone
6155HoareRichard30 March 1783734 April 1783Headstone
6156OsborneJane22 July 18868228 July 1886Headstone
6157FuggleAnn29 April 1817246 May 1817Headstone
6158RatcliffeRichard3 January 178861 or 641 February 1788HeadstoneBig gap between death and burial. Age not given on burial transcription.
6158RatcliffeAnn3 June 17674310 June 1767HeadstoneShown on burial transcript as Radcliffe.
6159BridglandElizabeth1 May 1746887 May 1746AltarBurial transcription shows Eleanor.
6160LightAnn21 June 17343027 June 1734Altar
6161LightJohn18 September 17306524 September 1730Altar
6162LightRebecca18 July 17043821 July 1704AltarAlso spelt Rebeckah.
6163LightWilliam14 September 17373621 September 1737Headstone
6164FennelMary Ann4 August 18222328 August 1822HeadstoneBurial transcription shows surname Funnel.
6165StephensMargaret27 March 17552431 March 1755Headstone
6165StephensSarah31 March 17553 weeks4 April 1755Headstone
6166StephensHenry11 July 17997015 July 1799Headstone
6166StephensElizabeth15 February 18137220 February 1813Headstone
6167Bunnet(t)John25 April 1776792 May 1776HeadstoneMI shows death 1770. 1776 is correct. MI shows surname Bennett.
6167Bunnet(t)Sarah10 August 17404213 August 1740Headstone
6168TolhurstElizabeth21 August 18094825 August 1809Headstone
6168TolhurstThomas14 August 18387620 August 1838Headstone
6169BearsbyJohn1 August 1839807 August 1839Headstone
6169BearsbyElizabeth29 June 1860865 July 1860Headstone
6170No detailsFlat StoneNo inscription visible.
6171FullerHannah17 February 1798575 March 1798HeadstoneAge is possibly incorrect given age of James at death.
6171FullerHannah1515 April 1797HeadstoneMI shows buried nearby. Grave positions unknown.
6171FullerJames11 weeks5 January 1797Headstone
6172JuryAnn30 April 1800306 May 1800Headstone
6173CollensElizabeth20 November 18467125 November 1846HeadstoneBurial transcript gives ages as 70 and 75.
6173CollensJohn6 October 18527312 October 1852Headstone
6174CollensJohn15 June 18362320 June 1836Headstone
6175HeathWilliam18 May 18216125 May 1821Headstone
6176BesbeechJames2 March 1740778 March 1740HeadstoneMI shows died May 1840.
6176BesbeechMary14 April 174821 April 1748Headstone
6177CollensElizabeth9 October 17585614 October 1758Headstone
6177CollensJohn2 August 1797895 August 1797Headstone
6178BesbeechMartha? January 1786776 January 1786HeadstoneMI shows name as Marsha. Headstone fallen. Inscription not visible.
6179LambertAnn2 May 17514028 May 1751Headstone
6179LambertJohn23 August 17948127 August 1794Headstone
6180CollensJohn15 January 18076620 January 1807Headstone
6180CollensSarah12 February 18096320 February 1807Headstone
6180CollensJames Tompsett20 June 180527HeadstoneMemorial only. Died in Jamaica.
6181BatesIsaac7 October 18406612 October 1840Headstone
6181BatesSarah1 January 1842816 January 1842Headstone
6181BatesMary25 January 1814131 February 1814HeadstoneMI shows age 14. Baptized April 1800.
6182BrownlessEleanor15 September 18361621 September 1836HeadstoneBaptism record (Walthamstow) shows name as Elinor.
6183No detailsFlat stoneNo inscription visible.
6184JeffreyRobert23 October 17155128 October 1715HeadstoneMI gives name as Robart Jaffary.
6185FuggleWilliam11 October 18288615 October 1828Headstone
6185FuggleAnn20 January 18369230 January 1836Headstone
6186CollensSarah20 August 18365224 August 1836Headstone
6187WickhamFanny16 July 18355122 July 1835HeadstoneBurial transcript gives name as Frances.
6187WickhamBenjamin26 February 1863815 March 1863Headstone
6187WickhamElizabeth28 March 1862424 April 1862HeadstoneBurial transcript gives age as 41.
6188WickhamHumphrey2 May 18378310 May 1837Headstone
6188WickhamSarah8 October 18287314 October 1828Headstone
6189DiplockJohn7 January 18321013 January 1832Headstone
6190WickhamSarah12 September 18581616 September 1858Headstone
6190WickhamHumphrey2 April 18665610 April 1866Headstone
6191No detailsHeadstoneNo inscription visible.
6192KeableRebecca12 September 173331HeadstoneMemorial only. Buried in Yalding church. MI shows surname Heable.
6193FieldMary12 March 17563618 March 1756Headstone
6194FieldAnn3 December 1832429 December 1832Headstone
6194FieldCharles1 May 182355 May 1823Headstone
6194FieldAn infant13 September 18252 weeksHeadstoneNo burial found.
6195HansonFrancis29 June 1798355 July 1798Headstone
6196HansonJohn Jnr.13 July 17883112 July 1788HeadstoneMI shows date of death 13 July. Inscription no longer visible. Burial transcription is in correct date order.
6197HansonHannah8 March 18067417 March 1806Headstone
6197HansonJohn18 August 18088726 February 1808HeadstoneMI shows date of death 18 August. Burial date is correct. Probate granted on his will July 1808. Death probably 18 February 1808. Inscription illegible.
6198WickhamThomas3 June 1823347 June 1823HeadstoneBurial transcription shows age at death 32. MI is correct at 34.
6199HammondAnna22 June 17573525 June 1757Headstone
6200TannerElizabeth4 November 17903412 November 1790Headstone
6200TannerJohn24 February 17924 yrs 5 months2 March 1792Headstone
6200TannerElizabeth11 March 17921 yr 5 months18 March 1792Headstone
6200TannerBenjamin11 November 18557017 November 1855Headstone
6201HammondJohn10 September 178470Headstone
6201HammondElizabeth1 June 178069Headstone
6201HammondElizabeth25 April 175211 months30 March 1752Headstonedeath on MI in 1717aged 17 weeks is clearly wrong as parents would have been too young. Elizabeth was baptised May 1751 so it is fair to assume she was buried March 1752 aged 11 months. But MI appears to read that she died 25th April 1752??
6202HammondThomas18 February 17872722 February 1787Headstone
6202HammondThomas3 March 17876 months13 March 1787Headstone
6202HammondElizabethNovember 17911 yr 10 months7 December 1791Headstone
6203WickhamAda14 June 18643 yrs 11 months17 June 1864HeadstoneMi shows age at death 9 years 11 months. DOB 21 July 1860.
6204WickhamThomas7 December 18683111 December 1868Cross
7205HaseldenWilliam12 June 1716614 June 1716HeadstoneMI shows surname Heselden.
7206HazeldenWilliam28 May 1783672 June 1783Headstone
7206HazeldenDeborah9 April 18077916 April 1807Headstone
7207BesfordMary3 June 1790359 June 1790Headstone
7207BesfordWilliam17 January 179120 months14 January 1791HeadstoneMI shows date of death 17 January. Inscription illegible.
7208EvansSarahMay 17913010 May 1791Headstone
7208EvansRichardOctober 17913 yrs 9 months31 October 1791Headstone
7208EvansSarah 2 May 17984014 May 1798HeadstoneMI shows year of death 1797. Burial transcript is in correct date order.
7208EvansRichard16 November 18145920 November 1814Headstone
7209HazeldenWilliam7 October 18247212 October 1824Headstone
7209HazeldenJane29 May 1836826 June 1836Headstone
7210HazeldenHarriett Mary Hanson23 October 18692629 October 1869Headstone
7210HazeldenWilliam23 February 1875593 February 1875HeadstoneMI unclear but month of death is probably January. Died in Maidstone.
7210HazeldenMary21 November 189378November 1893Headstone
7211TurkKatherine29 April 1675523 May 1675Altar
7211TurkeSamuell26 December 1681Altar
7212EllisMargaret12 December 17173015 December 1717Headstone
7212EllisEdward6 months7 June 1718Headstone
7212BarberElizabeth13 August 171816 August 1718Headstone
7213BarberStephen28 August 1709782 September 1709Headstone
7213BarberMargaret12 May 17096517 May 1709HeadstoneMi gives month of death as March. Burila transcript is in correct date order.
7214TicknerRichard27 September 1718363 October 1718Headstone
7214TicknerMary28 May 1720364 June 1720Headstone
7215TannerThomas26 March 17587731 March 1758Headstone
7216TannerElizabeth17 January 17425222 January 1742Headstone
7216TannerJohn13 August 17412519 August 1741Headstone
7217TannerThomas10 March 18004817 March 1800HeadstoneMI shows year of death 1799. DOB was 5 November 1751.
7217TannerAnn18 January 18116824 January 1811Headstone
7218TannerSarah10 October 17453016 October 1745Headstone
7218TannerMary17 March 17462822 March 1746Headstone
7219TannerBenjamin2 July 1783604 July 1783Headstone
7220TannerMary24 April 1773521 May 1773Headstone
7221WickhamWilliam1 January 1795367 January 1795Headstone
7221WickhamElizabeth10 May 18428017 May 1842Headstone
7221WickhamElizabeth17 August 1785321 August 1785HeadstoneBoth buried nearby but grave positions unknown.
7221WickhamWilliam18 August 1792622 August 1792Headstone
7222BurrGeorge1 February 1850738 February 1850Headstone
7222BurrHannah9 February 18396116 February 1839Headstone
7222BurrJohn13 April 1809718 April 1809Headstone
7222BurrThomas4 November 1823188 November 1823Headstone
7222BurrJames10 March 18251818 March 1825Headstone
7223BurrJohn30 September 1804316 October 1804Headstone
7224BurrHenrietta16 April 17921222 April 1792Headstone
7224BurrJane9 October 17921515 October 1792Headstone
7225BurrBarbara27 October 1803612 November 1803Headstone
7225BurrHenry10 February 18227716 February 1822Headstone
7226BurrElizabeth3 April 18234913 April 1823Headstone
7226BurrHenry29 November 1851807 December 1851Headstone
7227HazeldenThomas20 October 18286324 October 1828Headstone
7227HazeldenJane Balcomb27 June 1869912 July 1869Headstone
7227HazeldenEliza26 July 183017 yrs 10 months29 July 1830HeadstoneMI and headstone shows burials in 1832 and ages 20 and 15. But, they were both buried in 1830. Ages in burial transcript match baptisms so must be correct.
7227HazeldenWalterNovember 183013 yrs 7 months6 December 1830Headstone
7227HazeldenDeborah6 June 186357HeadstoneMemorial only. Buried at Hawkhurst
7227HazeldenThomas8 June 185051HeadstoneMemorial only. Buried at Islington
7228WaghornMary7 July 18003410 July 1800Headstone
7228WaghornOlder17 February 18114621 February 1811Headstone
7228StandenJohn20 weeks31 August 1813Headstone
7228StandenWilliam14 months13 January 1816Headstone
7229MastersSarah4 February 1792568 February 1792HeadstoneMI shows age at death 57
7229MastersThomas4 October 1821879 October 1821HeadstoneMI shows age at death 89.
7230MastersRichard30 Septenber 1834545 October 1834Headstone
7230MastersElizabeth13 February 18446822 February 1844Headstone
7231MastersGeorge26 June 18186130 June 1818HeadstoneMI shows age at death 59
7232WaghornOlder3 July 1819306 July 1819Headstone
7232WaghornCharlotte18 August 18332124 August 1833HeadstoneBurial transcript shows age at death 22
7233UdallJohn4 October 1801707 October 1801HeadstoneMI shows year of death 1800.
7234UdallElizabeth23 April 1787328 April 1787Headstone
7234UdallDavid29 October 17941331 October 1794Headstone
7235VenisElizabeth15 September 17187019 September 1718HeadstoneBurial transcript shows surname as Venys.
7236JenningsWilliam Dawson7 February 18083813 February 1808Headstone
7237JenningsEdward26 August 17875031 August 1787Headstone
7237JenningsMary27 November 1805675 December 1805HeadstoneMI shows age at death 63.
7237JenningsThomas5 May 17741 month10 May 1774HeadstoneMI shows year of death 1775. Burial transcript is in correct date order.
7238LawStephen20 December 17878726 December 1787Headstone
7239CartierJohn24 January 18026830 January 1802Headstone
7240CartierStephana22 August 18258029 August 1825Headstone
7241ForresterAnn Mary3 December 18086310 December 1808HeadstoneMI shows date of death as 30 December but her will was proved 22 December 1808.
7242WycheMary8 June 18107513 June 1810Headstone
8243TwopennyAbraham6 Febuary 17474514 February 1747Flat stone
8243TwopennyMary16 November 17597522 November 1759Flat stone
8243TwopennyAbraham26 April 175834Flat stoneMemorial only. Buried in Camden.
8244TwopennyRichard30 May 1809816 June 1809Tomb & Headstone
8245ChapmanJane12 February 18976018 February 1897Headstone
8245ChapmanBelson29 July 1902832 August 1902Headstone
8246LambertJarvis4 August 18827811 August 1882HeadstoneMI shows age at deasth 76.
8246LambertMary Wickham8 August 18927811 August 1892Headstone
8247LambertKate9 February 18733114 February 1873Headstone
8248SabbSimon15 February 16367620 February 1636AltarMI shows name as John. See also 257. Inscription is on stone used to build churchyard wall.
8249PriceRichard22 January 18197729 January 1819Headstone
8249PriceElizabeth18 April 18388924 April 1838Headstone
8250StephensAnn25 January 17353730 January 1735/6Headstone
8250StephensElizabeth30 January 1735/6HeadstoneInfant daughter buried with mother.
8251ColvillJudith6 January 18126625 January 1812Headstone
8251ColvillThomas20 December 1827833 January 1828Headstone
8252ColvillElizabeth12 January 17902712 January 1790Headstone
8252ColvillWilliam18 January 18267624 January 1826Headstone
8252ColvillRachel8 June 18357511 June 1835Headstone2nd wife. MI shows age at death 71.75 matches her baptism in 1759.
8253ColvillJosiah28 March 1786711 April 1786No memorial survives.
8253ColvillElizabeth7 January 1786773 February 1786Headstone
8254BurtonMary11 January 18127417 January 1812Headstone
8255BrackfieldWilliam30 August 1814382 September 1814HeadstoneMI shows year of death 1811. 1814 is correct.
8255BrackfieldWilliam7 February 179723 weeks19 February 1797HeadstoneMI shows year of death 1795. 1797 is correct. Gives age at death 23 but is 23 weeks.
8256BrackfieldRobert3 January 1808677 May 1808HeadstoneDeath date seems unlikely but no further details available.
8256ChatfieldMary1 April 1826788 April 1826HeadstonePer MI, headstone shows her former name Brackfield. Married Chatfield when Brackfield died.
8257See 248AltarCould be burial of Simon Sabb. Inscription not visible. See note on 248.
8258HainesWilliam8 May 17182112 May 1718HeadstoneMI shows death year 1717.
8258HainesThomas17 November 17192617 November 1719HeadstoneAncestry shows burial 19th November.
8259HainesElizabeth11 February 1711/1215 yrs 9 months 11 days14 February 1711/12HeadstoneBurial transcript shows surname Haynes.
8260WilliamsElizabeth28 April 1843646 May 1843Headstone
8260WilliamsThomas22 May 18567828 May 1856Headstone
8261LidwellJoseph7 March 17244810 March 1724HeadstoneBurial transcript shows surname Lydwell.
8261LidwellMary7 May 17516713 May 1751HeadstoneMI shows year of death 1731. Burial transcript is correct.
8262HainesWilliam18 October 17378825 October 1737Headstone
8262HainesMartha17 December 17298218 December 1729HeadstoneBurial transcript shows surname Haynes.
8263WoodeRichard24 January 165228 January 1652/3Altar
8264AyersThomas29 May 1746623 June 1746MI shows surname Ayearst; No memorial survives.
8265HolmesRichard7 June 1681289 June 1681MI gives surname Holiness and year of death 1716; No memorial survives.
8266CollensWilliam12 December 1774619 December 1774No memorial survives.
8266CollensMartha16 May 1772122 May 1772No memorial survives.
8267FreemanAnn11 January 17981113 January 1798No memorial survives.
8268ManwaringWilliam2 July 1803505 July 1803Headstone
8268ManwaringMary30 April 1812576 May 1812Headstone
8268ManwaringJamesInfant12 October 1792HeadstoneTwins. Buried nearby.
8268ManwaringJohnInfant12 October 1792Headstone
8268CollensCharlotte30 April 182345 May 1823Headstone
8269TicknerPeter23 November 17526426 June 1752Headstone
8269TicknerMary21 February 17546926 February 1754Headstone
8270TicknerPeter Jnr.20 February 1739227 March 1739/40Headstone
8271WilliamsElizabeth11 September 17704618 September 1770Headstone
8272WilliamsThomas9 January 17835215 January 1783HeadstoneMI shows year of death 1785.
8273WilliamsThomas21 September 18206127 September 1820Headstone
8273WilliamsDeborah11 October 18216415 October 1821Headstone
8274WilliamsJohn12 March 18354919 March 1835Headstone
8274WilliamsJane31 March 1878865 April 1878HeadstoneMI shows date of death 12 March. Headstone shows 31st March.
9275FryLilly21 September 18756 months27 September 1875Headstone
9276NewnhamJohn4 May 17074910 May 1707HeadstoneBurial transcript shows surname as Newham
9276NewnhamWilliam19 March 17053825 March 1705/6HeadstoneBurial transcript shows surname as Newnam.
9277KingElizabeth2 March 18043811 March 1804Headstone
9277GibbonMary3922 November 1807HeadstoneName shown as Gibbons in baptism records.
9278WilliamsThomas Wickham26 December 1872662 January 1873Headstone
9278WilliamsCharlotte10 March 18898116 March 1889Headstone
9278WilliamsSarah1 July 1848177 July 1848HeadstoneMI shows 1847. Burial transcript is on correct order.
9279PenfoldEdward7 June 18467511 June 1846Headstone
9279PenfoldMary30 June 1848785 July 1848Headstone
9280BonnickMary20 February 17887324 February 1788Headstone
9280BonnickPeter7 December 178382HeadstoneNo burial record found.
9280FriendWilliam1 May 17914424 May 1791Headstone
9280FriendMary9 November 18368618 October 1836HeadstoneProbably died October not November. Headstone illegible.
9280BonnickPeter8 August 1838868 August 1838HeadstoneApparently buried same day as he died. Headstone illegible so cannot check.
9280BonnickSarah19 September 18487124 September 1848HeadstoneSee also 294. Not sure which grave she is in as was a widow when she married John Bonnick.
9281FriendMary Smith28 March 1821134 April 1821Headstone
9282BuggsPeter2218 January 1679/80Headstone
9283WatersWilliam10 August 16997323 August 1699Footstone
9284WatersElizabeth15 February 16867320 February 1686/7FootstoneMi shows query over day of death.
9285ThurgoodMary Ann14 June 18467 yrs 9 months22 June 1846Headstone
9286DoustStephen21 January 18808328 January 1880Headstone
9286DoustEleanor1 July 1856555 July 1856HeadstoneMI shows first name Helena.
9287AtwoodSamuel16 November 18116722 November 1811Headstone
9287AtwoodCharity9 Fenbruary 18275914 February 1827Headstone
9288ManwaringCatherine26 April 1827762 May 1827HeadstoneMI shows year of death 1847.
9288ManwaringJames3 June 1836806 June 1836Headstone
9289SmithJames25 July 17784529 July 1778HeadstoneNo memorial survives.
9290OsborneCharles15 March 18646219 March 1864Headstone(see 156 for wife Jane)
9290OsborneWilliam3 August 1839114 August 1839Headstone
9290OsborneCharles19 October 186643HeadstoneMemorial only. MI shows he died in Australia but Ancestry shows he died in Southwark.
9290OsborneMark19 December 18612224 December 1861Headstone
9291TolhurstJohn2 December 1805787 December 1805Headstone
9291TolhurstAnn10 September 18107424 September 1810Headstone
9292CarlowMartha15 July 18304418 July 1830HeadstoneBurial register shows Callow.
9292CarlowHenry28 December 1846654 January 1847Headstone
9293PawleyWilliam26 July 17151928 July 1715Headstone
9294BonnickSarah19 September 18487124 September 1848HeadstoneSee also 280. Not sure which grave she is in as was a widow (Leigh) when she married John Bonnick.
9294LeighMary11 March 18042216 March 1804Headstone
9294LeighGeorge18 January 18174115 January 1817Headstone
9295DodsonWilliam18 November 1795823 November 1795Headstone
9296BussEmma27 April 18644229 April 1864Headstone
9296BussEdwin7 May 19077911 May 1907HeadstoneTranscription shows month of death as April. Will extract shows death May 1907.
9297BussRichard21 December 18738227 December 1873Headstone
9297BussSophia16 September 18637224 September 1863Headstone
9298SwatlandEliza7 November 19118113 November 1911Tomb
9298SwatlandWilliam19 June 19288123 June 1928Tomb
9299BrownGeorge30 November 1781785 December 1781Headstone
9299BrownElizabeth15 September 17968519 September 1796Headstone
9300BrownGeorge26 October 1822811 November 1822Headstone
9300BrownMary29 August 1823643 September 1823Headstone
9301KempMary Annie8 April 18745714 April 1874Cross
10302MastersWilliam13 February 17675016 February 1767Headstone
10303KingsmellWilliam6 November 17647712 November 1764HeadstoneBurial transcript gives surname Kingsmill.
10303KingsmellEdward16 May 17925720 May 1792Headstone
10304WenhamEdward31 May 1890746 June 1890HeadstoneHeadstone is leaned against 306.
10305WenhamThomas27 October 1882902 November 1882HeadstoneMI shows month of death December. Headstone shows October.
10305WenhamMary4 January 18556710 January 1855Headstone
10305NoakesMary14 December 18448521 December 1844Headstone
10305WenhamThomas27 April 1836124 May 1836Headstone
10305WenhamMatilda9 September 18392114 September 1839Headstone
10305WenhamMary30 January 1851296 February 1851Headstone
10305WenhamCaroline26 April 18815330 April 1881Headstone
10306ScottEdward8 January 17048412 January 1704/05HeadstoneMI shows surname Scoot.
10306ScottMary5 April 17149310 April 1714Headstone
10307StoneMary Ann30 May 1824205 June 1824Headstone
10307StoneAnn13 December 18477418 December 1847Headstone
10307StoneRobert11 June 18567815 June 1856Headstone
10308MillerThomas11 December 18236218 December 1823Headstone
10308MillerMary10 June 18266916 June 1826Headstone
10308MillerMary18 January 18949823 January 1894Headstone
10309MillerGiles30 March 1853556 April 1853Headstone
10309MillerAnne Augusta14 May 18373120 May 1837Headstone
10309MillerEdward Lewis28 August 1846155 September 1846Headstone
10310MillerMercy8 October 17985713 October 1798Headstone
10311StephensJane3 October 1777519 October 1777Headstone
10311StephensThomas26 April 1787553 May 1787Headstone
10312StephensHenry12 December 17617419 December 1761Headstone
10313StephensThomas16 October 17397123 October 1739Headstone
10314AlexanderRobert Henry26 May 19016330 May 1901Headstone
10314AlexanderCatherine Yates2 April 1914756 April 1914Headstone
10315LinghamJohn22 February 1859771 March 1859Headstone
10315LinghamAnn8 February 18748313 February 1874Headstone
10316LinghamSarah23 March 18246931 March 1824Headstone
10316LinghamJohn17 February 18338021 February 1833HeadstoneBurial transcript shows first name James, but was baptised John and John is on headstone.
10317HonessJane23 March 18502830 March 1850Headstone
10318HuntWilliam22 October 17987026 October 1798HeadstoneMI shows year of death 1799. Burial transcript correct.
10318Honess Elizabeth26 June 1809791 July 1809HeadstoneWidowed 1798 amd married William Honess 1799.
10319HaywardHenry29 April 1866767 May 1866Headstone
10319HaywardJane23 August 18757930 August 1875Headstone
10320ColvillWilliam4 June 1867658 June 1867HeadstoneMI shows surname Colwell but Colvill is correct.
10320ColvillAnn24 March 18707529 March 1870Headstone
10321WestonHenrySeptember 18336927 September 1833Headstone
10322ClemetsonJane Colvill5 July 1872449 July 1872Headstone
10323VousdenMary14 December 18697718 December 1869Headstone
10323VousdenEdward4 May 1871449 May 1871Headstone
10323VousdenWilliam19 May 18899223 May 1889Headstone
10324SivyerHarriett28 December 1869704 January 1870Headstone
10324SivyerJohn11 November 18788916 November 1878Headstone
10325KiteSarahFebruary 1796679 February 1796No memorial exists. MI shows date of death 22 July but will written 1 February and probate granted 22 March 1796.
10326GilbertMary18 June 18712423 June 1871No memorial exists.
10GilbertMatilda13 May 18914315 May 1891
10327UnknownUnknownTomb - coffin shapeNo inscription visible.
10328MessengerMary19 April 18755824 April 1875Headstone
10329HaywardJames10 April 18736016 April 1873Headstone
10329HaywardAnn22 June 18716229 June 1871Headstone
10329HaywardJane13 January 18702420 January 1870Headstone
10330MessengerGeorge22 August 18638029 August 1863Headstone
10330MessengerSarah30 August 1853646 September 1853Headstone
10331MessengerThomas19 October 18997624 October 1899Headstone
10331MessengerGeorge22 August 18638329 August 1863Headstone
10332FalknerAnn14 June 18482521 June 1848Headstone
10333BakerJohn25 October 1862632 November 1862Headstone
10333BakerElizabeth20 March 18798224 March 1879Headstone
10334RussellRichard21 December 18364430 December 1836HeadstoneBurial transcript shows age 46. Headstone shows 44.
10334RussellElizabeth22 December 18677430 December 1867Headstone
10334RussellWilliam21 June 18613325 June 1851Headstone
10335HarrisElizabeth26 June 18223126 June 1822HeadstoneCannot confirm date of death as headstone illegible.
10336SouthonRichard27 March 18824326 March 1882HeadstoneHeadstone shows date of death 27th and burial transcript shows burial date 26th.
10337BrissendenWilliam16 January 18481824 January 1848Tomb
10337BrissendenSarah16 April 18461822 April 1846Tomb
10338BrissendenElizabeth15 April 18857821 April 1885Tomb MI shows date of death 13 April 1883. 15th April 1885 is correct.
10338BrissendenThomas17 December 18727021 December 1872Tomb
10339SouthonAnn26 January 1872464 February 1872Headstone
10339SouthonGeorge24 August 18812028 August 1881Headstone
10340SouthonCharles15 December 18757719 December 1875Headstone
10340SouthonAnn19 October 18868524 October 1886Headstone
10341AppsThomas3 March 18695210 March 1869Headstone
10341AppsEliza20 June 18957524 June 1895Headstone
10342AppsJohn25 January 1871442 February 1871Headstone
10343AppsHannah28 March 1832413 April 1832Headstone
10343AppsWilliam29 November 182315 months5 November 1823Headstone
10343AppsMary Ann6 March 18319 months12 March 1831Headstone
10343AppsElizabeth16 April 1832720 April 1832Headstone
10343AppsJohn8 August 18667313 August 1866HeadstoneMI shows date of death 23 August 1846. 8 August 1866 is correct.
10344SuttonRichard2 February 1819175 February 1819HeadstoneMI shows year of death 1810. 1819 is correct.
10345AppsMary23 December 18514730 December 1851Headstone
10346AppsAnn 27 February 1863835 March 1863Headstone
10346AppsWilliam14 March 18719221 March 1871Headstone
10347AppsAnn1 October 1877745 October 1877Headstone
10347AppsMary4 October 1880567 October 1880Headstone
10348WoollettElizabeth14 February 18351524 February 1835Headstone
10349WoollettGeorge18 August 18263722 August 1826Headstone
10349WoollettMary Ann10 August 18556717 August 1855Headstone
10349WoollettElizabeth Wilmshurst5 months2 April 1817Headstone
10349WoollettGeorge8 months8 September 1822Headstone
10349WoollettMichael George619 February 1823Headstone
10349WoollettGeorge7 months21 March 1824Headstone
10349WoollettGeorge Augustus9 months20 August 1827Headstone
10350WoollettWilliam16 January 18327421 January 1832Headstone
10350WoollettElizabeth21 December 18327329 December 1832Headstone
10351WoollettHarriett8 August 18866313 August 1886Headstone
11126HookWilliam11 August 18107516 August 1810Headstone & tombsEnclosing rails no longer exist. MI shows death 1819.
11126HookAnn30 August 1810741 September 1810Headstone & tombs
11127KingsmillRichardNovember 1712114 November 1712HeadstoneMI shows date of death as 7 November. Should probably be 1 November.
11128HillsDorothy6 November 16809 November 1680HeadstoneOther Hills are listed on the headstone but it is now only partially legible.
11129HodgskinHarriett Bathurst7 April 18333112 April 1833Headstone
11130GunnerMary16 November 17637528 November 1763Headstone
11131WickhamHumphrey17 October 17865822 November 1786Headstone
11131WickhamThomas10 December 17902816 December 1790HeadstoneMI shows date of death 1 December 1792. Burial transcript appears correct so probable date of death was as shown. Baptised 1762.Headstone illegible.
11131WickhamMary6 September 17936811 September 1793Headstone
11132WickhamMary17 April 18055020 April 1805Headstone
11132WickhamEdward27 November 1823672 December 1823HeadstoneMI shows death 1821. Burial transcript is correct.
11132WickhamWilliam18 January 17925 years 6 months23 January 1792Headstone
11133MascallJane16 June 161818 June 1618Altar
11134DownCharles23 August 18284027 August 1828Headstone
11135HodgskinMary25 September 17885730 September 1788Headstone
11135HodgskinJohn3 January 1795748 January 1795Headstone
11136HodgskinAnn9 March 18356915 March 1835Headstone
11136HodgskinThomas19 April 18427524 April 1842Headstone
11137MynnElizabeth29 September 17564 October 1756Headstone
11138WestMatilda6 August 18323013 August 1832Headstone
11138MynnEliza28 May 1821172 June 1821Headstone
11139Tampsett (Tamsett)Mary27 October 1786863 November 1786AltarSpelling of surname cannot be confirmed.
11140MynnJohn17 April 17673924 April 1767Headstone
11140Ratcliffe (formerly Mynn)Elizabeth30 April 1798685 April 1798HeadstoneHeadstone almost illegible but date of death could be 3 April.
11140MynnThomas Parker5 months15 October 1795HeadstoneSons of William Mynn
11140MynnJoseph14 days18 September 1796Headstone
11141ClarkeJoseph24 December 18088028 December 1808Headstone
11142ForsterEaster1 October 1717847 October 1717Headstone
11143SprangeJasper7 November 1797869 November 1797Headstone
11143SprangeSusannah2 June 17927620 July 1792HeadstoneDate of death is unlikely given burial date. Cannot find date of death as headstone illegible.
11143SprangeElizabeth de-Gois20 March 18035031 March 1803Headstone
11144SprangeIsaac4 October 1825779 October 1825Headstone
11145UptonThomas9 June 18593215 June 1859Headstone
11146RowlesWilliam17 April 17244225 April 1724HeadstoneMI shows month of death as July but burial transcript is in correct order and shows burial April. Headstone illegible.
11146RowlesThomas11 November 1723815 November 1723Headstone
12147StevensWilliam5 February 18587111 February 1858Headstone
12147StevensHarriett5 May 18829412 May 1882Headstone
12147StevensJonathan10 December 1831517 December 1831HeadstoneMI shows year of death 1821.
12147StevensCatherine10 September 18492015 September 1849Headstone
12148StevensEmily31 May 1895834 June 1895Headstone
12148StevensMatilda Mary27 September 1906872 October 1906Headstone
121001HolmeWinifred Edith28 August 1924341924HeadstoneProbably ashes burial ( too recent for Leland Duncan list)
13149HicklingSamuel31 January 1857595 February 1857Headstone
13149BartonThomas19 October 187211 years 7 months23 October 1872Headstone
13149BartonArthur George10 January 18636 weeks14 Januray 1863Headstone
13150OakdenRalph17 April 18408025 April 1840Large flat stone.
13150OakdenRalph6 December 18682812 December 1868Large flat stone.
13150OakdenMary EllenLarge flat stone.Memorial only. Buried at Freshwater.
13150OakdenAnnie BlancheLarge flat stone.Memorial only. Buried at Bramshall.
13150OakdenAnneLarge flat stone.Memorial only. Buried at Freshwater.
13150OakdenRalphLarge flat stone.Memorial only. Buried at Sutton Maddock, Shropshire.
13150RobinsonElizabeth24 March 18568529 March 1856Large flat stone.